Residential Garage Door Styles and Materials

Garage doors in one way are like people, they come in all sorts of different styles, shapes, and sizes. With so many choices out there, finding the right garage door for your house can be hard. People love their garages in a way that goes beyond just a place to park the car. The […]

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Modernize with Motorized Bi-Folding Doors

When most people think of bi-folding doors, they usually think of the old, side-folding sectional doors that divided living and dining rooms, and stack on top of each-other alongside the wall when opened. That’s actually an outdated concept of what modern bi-fold doors have evolved into and can do. Modern automatic bi-folding doors can […]

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The Right Security Gate for Your Small Business

In New York City, security gates and small businesses go hand in hand together. Having the right security gate that fits your specific business needs is the difference between having dependable nightly protection and peace of mind, and leaving your business vulnerable to criminals all night because you don’t have sufficient security in place. […]

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Summer Fun in New York City

June 21st was the first day of summer and the weather didn’t hesitate to reach into the 80s. New York City is one of the most exciting summer spots in the entire United States. With its endless iconic sightseeing spots that still thrill old New Yorkers and tourists alike and its unique five boroughs, […]

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No Worries with Rolling Gate Maintenance & Repair Service

There is never a good time for your rolling security gate or to break down. You depend on your gate to either open up for business in the morning or protect your store from thieves and vandals at night. In these situations, a store owner wants to be covered 24/7, and also be able […]

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Why You Absolutely Need Fire Doors

One of the most obvious reasons why your residence, business, or shop should have fire doors, is the protection it will give you from a spreading fire. An important reason for a business to install fire doors is to help save inventory and equipment from costly smoke, fire, and water damage. When it comes […]

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Five Major Small Business Essentials

Running a small business is no easy task. It takes knowledge, diligence, passion, pride, and of course a decent amount of money as well. There are some basic essentials involved with not just running, but keeping a business in business. It’s like ingredients in a cake, you need all of them together in order […]

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What to Do in June in New York City

The beginning of June in New York City is a perfect time of year to take time out and enjoy the sun and fun. The sky is clearer in June and the nights are cool; providing both a comfortable daytime temperature for walking around and a perfect night-life atmosphere as well. June events start […]

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Wood Vs. Steel Garage Doors

Steel panel garage doors are a better insulator than wood paneled doors, but, modern wood garage doors are now available with an insulated core. A well-insulated door helps to keep your garage both cooler in the summer, and warmer in the cold of winter. That’s why choosing the right garage door materials is an […]

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Finding the Right Small Business Insurance

Unexpected business costs, emergencies, and legal liabilities are bound to happen over the length of a business’s lifetime. One major loss can be enough to cause small businesses to go out of business for good. Most private entrepreneurs simply just don’t have the income at first to handle a big unexpected business loss. This […]

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