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Top-5 Security Tips for New York City Small Businesses

Security is any successful businesses valid concern, but in New York City, security is paramount to a safe working environment and a business’s bright future – rather than a going out of business sale. For small business owners, upholding proper security protocols is even more important because just one security breach, one dishonest employee, or …

How Roll-Up Doors Can Protect Your New York Business

From street side storefronts to cabinets in a small mall kiosk, roll-up doors and shutters are a loyal and reliable friend to New York City businesses. They’re one of the most space-saving commercial security barrier models available on the marketplace today, which makes them very compatible with all sorts of different business applications. Compact, and …

Taking Advantage of New Small Business Tax Breaks

With the new 20% deductions in effect this year for taxable small business income, pass-through businesses have a great chance to take advantage of both the booming economy and lower tax expenses. This new and long-awaited relief from Washington DC offers small businesses prime opportunities for less risky and more successful expansions. Deductions will play …

How Open Pattern Rolling Gates Can Help Your Business

Open-patterned rolling gates are one of the best choices in which to safeguard a storefront’s exterior when it comes to most types of businesses found in malls or shopping centers across America. Roll-up open-pattern gates and security grilles can also be found in most pharmacies, airport concession stores, stadium food stands, and other areas that …

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