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2018s Predictions for NYC Small Businesses

Now that we’re a few months into the New Year the future of the economy is both bright but also not entirely clear. A small business’s livelihood depends on many different changing social and economic patterns. New ideas, trending fads, and long-term business plans all play major roles in a

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Popular Storefront Security Gate Options

Security gates for retail storefronts are a commonplace sight in most big cities across the nation.  But, storefront security gates are an absolute must-have for businesses in New York City; otherwise, a Big Apple business could be easily out of business once Gotham’s criminal elements start to target an under-secured

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5 – Fun New York City Events for March of 2018

The bitter cold of our New York City Winter is gradually starting to warm up in the pre-spring air, much to all of our collective relief. The streets of the city once again call to us at the beginning of March as the temperature starts to rise and the promise

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Troubleshooting Common Security Gate Problems

Security gates do more than just stop unauthorized traffic; they represent the safety and security of your business or residence for you and your businesses’ customers and employees, not to mention a visual deterrent to intruders and thieves. When that security barrier breaks down it can be devastating both safety

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Top-5 Security Tips for New York City Small Businesses

Security is any successful businesses valid concern, but in New York City, security is paramount to a safe working environment and a business’s bright future – rather than a going out of business sale. For small business owners, upholding proper security protocols is even more important because just one security

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How Roll-Up Doors Can Protect Your New York Business

From street side storefronts to cabinets in a small mall kiosk, roll-up doors and shutters are a loyal and reliable friend to New York City businesses. They’re one of the most space-saving commercial security barrier models available on the marketplace today, which makes them very compatible with all sorts of

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Doing Valentine’s Day in New York City

New York City has the best nightlife regardless of what day it is. But on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, the city really revs up for a full night of romantic liaisons, fond remembrances, and renewed vows of love. We have compiled a list of remarkable but affordable choices in

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Taking Advantage of New Small Business Tax Breaks

With the new 20% deductions in effect this year for taxable small business income, pass-through businesses have a great chance to take advantage of both the booming economy and lower tax expenses. This new and long-awaited relief from Washington DC offers small businesses prime opportunities for less risky and more

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How Open Pattern Rolling Gates Can Help Your Business

Open-patterned rolling gates are one of the best choices in which to safeguard a storefront’s exterior when it comes to most types of businesses found in malls or shopping centers across America. Roll-up open-pattern gates and security grilles can also be found in most pharmacies, airport concession stores, stadium food

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