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New York City Local Events for January 2018

Christmas is over in New York City and the Rockefeller Plaza Tree is about to come down for the rest of the year. A brisk 36 Degrees with no snow becomes the best weather one can hope for and the warm coats, scarves, and gloves have long since come out

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The 411 on Aluminum-Framed Glass-Paneled Garage Doors

Aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors either add to or transform a house with that ever popular modern look which is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s residences. The contemporary look and sleek design of aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors just don’t add to a house’s ambiance, they are corrosion resistant and

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Garage Doors 101: Knowing the Basics before Buying

Garage doors are an important investment for your residence or business. Before thinking about buying one, it’s imperative to first think about what kind of garage door you will need. A garage door involves so many vital aspects of your property. Security, functionality, convenience, and ambiance all factor into making

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How the New 2018 Tax Plan Might Affect Your Small Business

The recent procedural victory by the G.O.P. on tax reform at the end of last November, has, of course, received some mixed reviews from both the public sector and the business sectors. According to a November Reuter poll, only a third of Americans supported the tax plan. In the latest

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What Kind of Security Gate is Best for Your Property?

The best way to figure out what the best type of security gate is for your property is to first ask yourself some basic questions about what your needs and expectation are. Make a priority list by rating items by the most important aspect to the least, such as #1.

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Garage Door Security Tips to Keeping You Safe

According to, burglaries accounted for over 19% of all property crimes in 2016. After statistics like this, I’m sure most people would consciously endeavor to make sure to be a little more cautious and a lot less casual about their garage door security.  When it comes to an intruder

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5 Simple Steps to Preparing Your Small Business for 2018

Small business owners are enjoying a newly invigorated economy just like everyone else in America, offering more jobs to average U.S. workers, directly equating into more disposable consumer income for New Yorker’s to spend on Gotham’s small businesses. This newfound economic uptrend has made small business owners more confident in

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Ongoing Trends in Modern Garage Doors

Now that 2017 is soon coming to an end, it’s time to take a new look at the latest popular trends in garage doors that are sure to live on into 2018.  Innovative new materials have entered into the manufacturing process bringing more durable and lower cost products into the

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10 Fun November Fall Events in New York City

The weather in New York City has turned cold and the bathing suits have been stored away and been replaced by sweaters. This doesn’t mean that Gotham has shut down until spring. The Big City fun still remains aplenty, be it day or night, and the spirit of the holiday

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