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Better Security in 2017 with Proper Gate Maintenance

  A gate cannot protect anything if it’s not maintained properly. What‘s it there for if it’s easily breached because of malfunctions or gaps in protection? If a gate is easily climbed over, its code is compromised, or it just plain breaks down; in New York City, you might as

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2017’s Top-Five Small Business Security Tips

  No matter what season it is, small businesses in New York City must be diligent in making sure that they’re not this year’s victims of crime. Some holidays do stand out more than others when it comes to crime due to either a cold air of financial desperation or

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Last-Minute Unique Gifts at the Traveling F.A.D. Market

The F.A.D. (fashion, art, and design) traveling market and “flea,” is finishing up its season series after bringing its large community of 50 or more assorted artists, vendors, and designers to the basement of Saint Paul’s Church in Brooklyn on December 4th. The market venue has been representing numerous different

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The Gift of a Safe Garage Door this Season

As with most machinery in our lives, making sure that they work properly is a must, especially when our livelihoods depend on that machine. With garage doors, regardless of whether you’re a small business owner or a residential homeowner – Your whole life is totally inconvenienced when your garage door

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How to Choose the Right Home Security Maintenance Vendor

Choosing the right vendor to keep up maintenance on your home security can be as difficult as choosing the home security measures themselves. These people are responsible for keeping you safe by keeping your safeguards in top working order. Yet, anyone can roll up and call themselves a high quality

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6 Garage Door Safety Tips

When you click the button on your remote and watch a garage door open seamlessly, it appears to be the smoothest and safest object in the whole house. But make no mistake; that door is several hundred pounds in weight and has quite a punch behind it. It’s all fun

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7 Unusual Home Security Tips You Probably Don’t Know

Even with a security system that would make the Mission Impossible crew tremble, burglars are clever, and some of the highest grade security measures have been circumvented by thieves intent on getting in, getting valuables, and getting out again uncaught. You need to be cleverer than them.   Here are

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