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How to Buy a Security Gate on a Shoestring Budget

There are several ways a business can increase its profit. Raising prices, attaining additional customers through advertising, increasing the number of products offered, decreasing discounts, and reducing expenses. Tactics like transitioning from paper to digital documents, marketing exclusively online, and improving security are all listed under the “reducing expenses” category. However, security is at […]

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How to Repair Roll-Up Garage Doors

It is very important to have a garage that protects your automobile from theft, the elements and other things that may otherwise cause damage. Maybe you haven’t put much thought into where you park your automobile during the night. It may not have crossed your mind about the importance of protecting your property or […]

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5 Fail-Proof Tips for Theft Prevention

Businesses have enough obstacles without having to deal with theft. Unfortunately, businesses around the world have issues with theft, consisting of employee crime to organized retail crime. There is no mystery why some companies have a hard time keeping their heads above water. Theft costs companies billions of dollars every year and stress as […]

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How Counter Top Shutters Can Protect Your Business

Counter top shutters are a great way of strategically protecting your business by focusing your security on the areas that matter. By preventing access over your counter tops, counter top shutters look professional and are a great deterrent to thieves and hooligans alike.

Here are five ways that counter top shutters can protect and be […]

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Which Security Gate is Best Suited for Your Business?

Choosing a security gate involves examining multiple factors to ensure you are making the correct decision for your business. Security gates are an investment and as such, you will want to double-check that you are getting the right gate at the right price.

If you want to choose a security gate for your premises, but […]

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Rolling Gate Options July 2013

Times have changed. You no longer have to sacrifice the aesthetic of your business or office space for safety and security. That’s right – your rolling gate does not have to be ugly and industrial anymore! Gone are the days of those cold and unappealing rolling gates. Sure, they kept vandals and thieves out, […]

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Security Gates Through the Ages

Security gates have been around for as long as people have needed security. Long before high-tech measures, they were the simplest way for a person to guarantee they and their family would be safe from the elements and anyone who would wish to do them harm.


Primary Materials


The first attempts at security gates were really […]

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Solar Powered Security Gates

Large or small, if your security gates require some form of power to open and close you really should look into solar powered security gates. With designs, sizes, and materials available of every conceivable type, the wave of future security gates lies in their ability to capture the power of the sun for their […]

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How to Diagnose a Faulty Garage Door

Garage doors play a very major role in our modern lives, so when they “go on the fritz” it’s very distracting and more than just a minor annoyance.


However, before you call in the professionals, you’ll want to learn how to diagnose a faulty garage door almost instantly – not only so that you can […]

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The Benefits of Rolling Gates

Rolling gates have become very popular because they are easy to install, easy to use and they are durable and safe. Because of their features and associated safety, rolling gates are mostly used by businesses in densely populated urban cities. One if the great features of these gates is that they can be maintained […]

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