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4 Benefits of Installing Security Cameras for Your Business

As a business owner, you understand the many costly dangers your business faces. This can include shoplifting, physical violence, employee theft, and a wide range of other damaging incidents. Employee theft alone costs American businesses an average of $42 billion dollars a year. Your eyes cannot be everywhere at once, but every aspect of your …

How to Cut Overhead Costs with Security Gates

A successful business answers the requirements of product differentiation, wide customer reach, pricing, distribution and customer support and satisfaction. However, a business owner must also keep his business secure both in the physical and financial sense. It is in this consideration that security gates play a very big role in the protection of your business. …

3 Ways to Secure Your Business (and Save Money)

Safety first. Making safety and security a priority in any business is of the utmost importance. Discouraging theft, keeping businesses safe, and preventing internal loss are all important aspects of securing a company and saving money in bargain. Whatever costs are associated with setting up a controlled security system for both a company’s physical assets …

How to Use Your Security Gates as a Marketing Tool

When business tycoons want to get the message out about their product or service, what do they do? Webpage ads and social media outlets are the best ways in this digital age. Traditional marketing techniques like billboards, mail outs, newspaper and magazine ads, radio advertisements, and television commercials are still used. The smartest businessmen go …

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