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Security Gates vs. Security Guards? Which Option is Better for Your Business?

Every business needs to set up a security system to protect their inventory, employees, buildings, equipment, and customers. That starts with fire detectors in every room and locks on all of the doors and windows, but it can also include alarm systems, motion detectors, fences, barbed wire, security cameras that are live and recorded, security …

Tired of Expensive Electric Bills? Here Is Why Solar Gates are a Great Alternative for Businesses

Although the world economy has recovered from the “Great Recession” that began in December 2007 and lasted through June 2009, wise business owners continue to carefully monitor their budgets and look for every opportunity to save the company extra money. Some expenditures are one hundred percent necessary such as employee salaries and benefits, supplies, customer …

Roll Up Gates vs. Roll Down Gates: Which is Better for Your Business?

You have worked hard to create a successful, thriving business. You provide a service that people need or a product that they want (or both). The worst thing you can imagine is losing all of that money and inventory that you have worked so hard for, whether that be to burglars or to bad weather. …

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