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Arm Barrier Gate Operators Driving Protection in the Bronx

Advanced sliding gate operators are the secret behind maximum security in and around Queens.

Whether one is headed for LaGuardia or JFK airports, the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, a Yankees game or just a night on the town, finding a safe place to leave one’s vehicle is a challenge. Despite a population of 1,385,108, the Bronx only has an estimated 85 parking locations. Therefore, besides the challenge of finding parking, there is the challenge of facing the congestion around these hot spots. If arm barrier gates are protecting parking lots in the Bronx, vehicles are secure. If the gates and arm barrier gate operators are manufactured by New York Gates, those lots in and around the Bronx, are the most secured!

The reason is that New York Gates has more than a decade of experience in manufacturing all types of gates and arm barrier gate operators for applications in the Bronx and the entire tri-state. The company’s products are also amongst the most durable, reliable and technically advanced on the market. Business owners in need of a solution for possible congestion around parking areas need to consider that investing in a good arm barrier gate is not enough. If the arm barrier gate operators do not operate smoothly allowing vehicles to easily pass through them, traffic in these areas of the Bronx could become a serious problem.

Other places where arm barrier gate operators are a typical means of regulating traffic while protecting cars and properties, are at malls, fast-food drive-ins, or restricted entry or parking zones in and around the Bronx. The failure of any barriers in high-traffic driveways, for example, would cause havoc. To make sure that this does not occur, New York Gates’ operators are made by specialists using the latest techniques and best materials. All products are also manufactured in accordance with the borough’s safety and security regulations.

Whether they maneuver single arm, slide or swing barriers, the better the operators, the more efficient the traffic control. Their efficacy also depends on starting torque and safety features. New York Gates’ arm barrier gate operators take a mere 2.5 seconds to open or close and feature DC control, safety sensing devices and integrated battery backup so that the Bronx application continues to function even if power is lost.

Another specialty is New York Gates’ sliding gate operators for all gates protecting commercial properties, hotels and public service buildings in and around the Bronx. These can be used for single or double arm barriers and feature in-built control boards with variable voltages, phases and speeds.

Sliding gate operators are designed to provide gates in the Bronx with lasting resilience and ease-of-operation. For example, they contain thermal protectors to prevent the motor from overheating in event of high-frequency operation or overload, secure modes in case of power outages, and integrated entrapment sensors for superior safety. They are also usually encased in an extremely strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy frame. Moreover, sliding gate operators are well ventilated to prevent wind resistance putting them under strain and causing the gate fronting the Bronx application to break.

There are many technical details to consider and each application has unique requirements making it difficult for customers to know which operator to choose. New York Gates not only offers the widest range of models and sizes of sliding gate operators, but provides customers in and around the Bronx with expert advice. Company specialists also carry out all installations, repairs and maintenance to make sure gates provide full protection and slide easily for years to come.

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