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Broken Spring Repair Essential for the Bronx

Professional and fast electric gate repair keeps properties in the Bronx safe from crime.

According to latest statistics from the FBI, the Bronx had 5,602 robberies in 2012. As for property crimes, there were 5,353 burglaries, 21,804 cases of theft, and 2,262 instances of motor vehicle theft. The data also compares crime rates per 1,000 residents in each borough against national statistics to work out one’s chances of becoming a victim. The national median for property crime rates was 28.6 with New Yorkers having 1 in 52 chances of becoming a victim and citizens in the Bronx having 1 in 47 chances. The difference is close and a clear reminder that installing top security gates to protect homes and businesses is essential. Moreover, if broken spring repair is required for a gate anywhere in the Bronx, residents should never delay calling in the experts.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has been a leading manufacturer of the most advanced security gates for every application in the tri-state area. The company’s products are known for being robust in all conditions and for their longevity, however all gates – especially their springs – endure strain and need regular maintenance. One common problem is the need for broken spring repair and New York Gates experts offer this service to customers no matter where they are in the Bronx or its neighboring boroughs.

If a gate needs broken spring repair, the company’s experts respond promptly to prevent a property in the Bronx from becoming a crime statistic. The reason for acting quickly when broken spring repair services are required in the Bronx, is that springs are a central component of every gate and if they break, gates come off their tracks and cannot operate. If a gate feels heavy to lift or won’t lift at all, it might be a sign that broken spring repair is required for the Bronx application.

New York Gates also specializes in electric gate repair for customers in and around the Bronx. While the company’s electric gates are extremely durable, they also experience wear and tear. A gate may become misaligned, sustain weather damage, wiring may deteriorate over time, or a broken spring may cause the gate to come off its tracks. As with actual gate installations and maintenance, electric gate repair should only be performed by experts in the Bronx like New York Gates. Using inexperienced workers may result in further damage to the gate, expenses that might have been avoided and leave the property exposed to burglaries. Repairs should also be done immediately.

To reduce the need for electric gate repair, New York Gates helps customers in and around the Bronx select a security door that suits all technical specifications of their application as well as industry standards and regulations. The company also advises customers to book annual maintenance in advance and should repairs be required, they are done so by experienced technicians.

Immediate and expert broken spring and electric gate repair is an excellent way for residents in and around the Bronx to ensure that while they are at home or at work, they are well protected and have zero chances of becoming a victim.

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