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Garage Doors for Home Security in the Bronx

Overhead doors will help the Bronx attract homeowners and boost its flourishing real estate market.

Real-estate in the Bronx is booming. One reason is that the high property prices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, make the Bronx an affordable alternative and an attractive investment. A new area of condos is being developed on the eastern shore of the Bronx facing Long Island Sound and several boutique and luxury hotels are popping up. Properties are an important asset for every owner and protecting them is essential. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to install state-of-the-art garage doors to protect properties in the Bronx.

While many people associate garage doors with businesses in the Bronx, private residences need the same level of protection no matter where they are located. In other words, while certain areas may seem safer to live in than others, thieves are as likely to break into affluent neighborhoods as they are to lesser ones.

Therefore, the question should never be whether to install garage doors or not, but which type to install for applications in and around the Bronx. Every property has a different structure, technical specifications and architectural style. Homeowners also have different preferences and tastes. While business owners also care about the appearance of their premises, their main concern is that security gates are resilient and strong.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has been a leading producer of garage doors for every type of application in the Bronx and the entire tri-state area. The company’s security solutions comprise commercial and residential doors made by industry specialists from the most durable materials and using the latest techniques. The company guarantees that every door will provide customers with complete protection by meeting all technical specifications. Customers also receive gates that suit their budget, aesthetic preferences and overall design of their property. To this end, New York Gates’ overhead doors for customers in the Bronx come in a wide range of colors and finishes, such as steel, wood or vinyl. The company also manufactures sectional or aluminum glass garage doors, which have their own unique appeal.

Overhead doors are also used in and around the Bronx to protect warehouses against vandals and thieves. These are diverse, attractive, resilient and easy to operate. New York Gates has the expertise and experience to help clients choose the exact door that meets all their requirements. They even visit customers’ homes or businesses to get a better understanding of their needs and to be able to offer more accurate advice.

Another way the company guarantees its products, is by carrying out its own installations, maintenance and repairs. Gates badly installed by inexperienced technicians may become damaged and even need to be replaced – an expensive and avoidable exercise. Similarly, if overhead doors were purchased from a fly-by-night operation in the Bronx that has since closed, who do customers turn to if their gates need repair? For this reason, it is imperative to find an established company like New York Gates that has an excellent reputation. The company is also always available to service and repair overhead doors anywhere in and around the Bronx.

This is all part and parcel of New York Gates’ focus on customer care.

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