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Top Arm Barrier Gate Operators in Brooklyn

Sliding gate operators are the key to achieving maximum security from Brooklyn applications.

The next time you pass a public driveway — be it at the airport, mall, fast-food drive-in or any public parking area, take a moment to notice the arm barrier. They may look simple, but the arm barrier gate operator hard at work within these security devices, is the key to keeping Brooklyn’s property safe and traffic well regulated.

If an arm barrier gate operator were to fail, havoc would ensue – especially if it’s at an airport or other high-traffic area in Brooklyn or the entire tri-state area for that matter. No-one would be able to enter or leave a parking area or public driveway and there would be huge traffic back-up – not to mention agitated commuters.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has been manufacturing the most technologically advanced, durable and reliable arm barrier gate operators in Brooklyn and its surrounds. Each operator designated for any gated application is crafted by industry specialists from the best materials and in keeping with strict safety and security requirements and regulations. To accommodate a wide variety of arm barrier security solutions, the operators are available in many sizes and models. To ensure their longevity and dependability, they are typically set in a highly durable, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy frame.

Arm barrier gate operators are also designed so that Brooklyn residents and employees are kept safe in zones limiting the entry of unsanctioned vehicles. The better the quality or the barrier and its internal operator, the more effective the traffic control. This applies to single arm, slide or swing barriers alike. Efficacy is also dependent on starting torque and safety features. Some operator models, such as those produced by New York Gates, take a mere 2.5 seconds to open or close! Every arm barrier gate operator features a DC control, safety sensing device and contains integrated battery backup so that the Brooklyn application works even if power is lost.

Parking lots are not the only areas requiring barrier gates and there is another entire line of operators for such applications. These are known as sliding gate operators and are typically used to drive gates securing public service buildings, hotels, and commercial properties in and around Brooklyn. Those designed by New York Gates can be used for single or double arm barriers and have a built-in control board with adjustable speeds as well as different voltages and phases.

Other exceptional features to keep sliding gate operators in Brooklyn fully functional include: thermal protectors to prevent the motor from overheating in case of overload or high-frequency operation; secure modes in case of power failure; and in-built entrapment sensors for enhanced safety. Sliding gate operators are also designed to make sure that the device installed within the Brooklyn application is aerated to prevent wind resistance, which strains the operator unnecessarily.

The company’s experts are always on hand to help customers decide whether an arm barrier gate operator or sliding gate operator is best suited to their Brooklyn structure. They also carry out all installations to make sure gates slide easily, thereby extending the unit’s lifecycle. This avoids customers from wasting money on future repairs and replacements.

New York Gates strives to provide arm barrier and sliding gate operators to its Brooklyn customers that guarantee unabridged security to their premises and employees well into the future!

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