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Rolling Fire Doors Safeguarding Manhattan

Fire rated gates are the ultimate way for Manhattan operations to avert hazards and guarantee security.

In one month, Manhattan had 614 fires in buildings, 664 in rubbish, brush or automobiles, and 49 serious fires that called for the response of four or five units of fire dispatchers. Thankfully, most fires are quelled and lives spared, but structures usually succumb to the most damage.

Luckily, there are measures that mitigate the damage. Rolling fire doors can protect a Manhattan business and New York Gates specializes in making sure that they do. The company has over a decade of experience in manufacturing rolling fire doors and fire rated gates for Manhattan facilities. Each gate is constructed from the most resilient fire-grade materials by authorities in the field and the end products are guaranteed to meet the highest official safety and fire hazard standards.

Rolling fire doors are even used to protect fire departments in Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. While they suit almost any type of application, they are essential for businesses dealing with toxins or chemicals, such as machinery rooms and commercial kitchens. They are used to split up areas in museums, elevator lobbies, retail spaces, and casinos. Rolling fire doors are also ideal to gate corridors, such as in Manhattan hospitals or schools, or in any location that calls for an emergency exit where regular swing doors are not sufficient.

However, business owners do not always know what type of fire rated gate best suits their Manhattan application. Without the experience and advice of a company like New York Gates, the choice can be even more overwhelming when official safety rules need to be met. For example, a business may be instructed to install fire rated gates by the Manhattan fire department. These gates are also the standard for applications instructed to install a listed fire door in a rated firewall. A listed door is one that has been certified as safe according to industry standards. A rated firewall is a fireproof barrier that has been tested for fire-resistance and then rated as able to prevent fires from spreading between or through building.

The bottom line is that New York Gates’ fire rated gates protecting Manhattan applications have passed this ‘fire-resistant’ test that gauges how long they can withstand fire. The doors can be programmed to close the instant there is smoke using heat detectors, when a fire alarm rings, or other safety device systems. Once triggered, they close automatically thereby preventing a fire from spreading, which they can do for up to 3 hours. This gives fire units time to respond and to prevent catastrophe.

Another fail-safe measure involves the precision installation of fire rated gates in Manhattan, which New York Gates carries out as part of its standard service. A door must be mounted, maintained and repaired by industry specialists who know what they are doing as mistakes can have disastrous consequences. This is just another way that New York Gates guarantees the safety, security, and livelihood of its customers no matter what their application and no matter where they are.

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