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Gate Installations in Queens & Beyond

Expert gate repair, maintenance and installation is crucial to guarantee long-term security in Queens.

In this day and age where theft and vandalism are a serious reality, almost every business and home owner would agree that their premises need a top-notch security gate. However, no matter how resilient that gate may be, expert gate installations is the secret to achieving excellent and lasting security in Queens and the entire tri-state area.

Property and business owners may be uncertain as to whom they can and should approach and trust to carry out such expert gate installations for their Queens’ application. Firstly, they should not hire any general maintenance worker. Secondly, they should avoid fly-by-night security gate companies and thirdly, they must seek out a company that actually manufactures the security gates themselves.
New York Gates has been manufacturing gates and carrying out its own expert gate installations in Queens and all its surrounding boroughs for over a decade. The company is well established and respected not only for its superior quality products, but for its customer care philosophy. According to this philosophy, clients always receive careful guidance in their choice of gate — which is no simple matter given the unique requirements of every application and the many gate models, colors, finishes and styles to choose from. Moreover, all gate installations are carried out by one of the company’s experienced technicians in Queens to guarantee that they provide complete, dependable security for the long-term. The company even offers a 1-year warranty for every new installation.
From its vast experience, New York Gates knows that unfortunately, even if a security gate is the perfect solution for a mall, store, private driveway, or warehouse, imprecise gate installations in Queens or any neighboring borough, may lead to breakdowns or damage and thereby seriously compromise security.
Nevertheless, at the end of the day every mechanical device deteriorates with wear and tear. New York Gates recommends that in the same way they take the car in for regular services, clients schedule gate maintenance in advance to avoid unnecessary costs — such as entire gate replacements. In case of malfunctions, the company provides exceptional and timely gate repair services to its customers no matter where they are in and around Queens. As it with installations, trained technicians do all repairs and maintenance. To ensure that a broken gate does not leave a property vulnerable to break-ins, technicians usually visit customers to ascertain the problem on the same day the gate repair for the Queens application is requested.
The most common gate repairs for Queens’ applications are problems caused by weather damage, impact from a vehicle, or technical problems such as mechanical failures in switches, wiring, or the motor; damaged tracks; broken springs; rusted bottom bars; and broken torsion springs or chain systems.
New York Gates is confident that every gate it manufactures is of the highest quality and provides excellent security. The company also understands that full security depends on professional installation and expert gate repair for customers no matter where they are in Queens and no matter the size of their application.

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