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Rolling Aluminum Grill for a Thriving Queens

A rolling mall grill is one of many tailored security solutions for businesses in Queens.

Queens has over 44,000 business establishments of which small businesses are predominant and are a huge source of employment. Hence, the security and safety of their properties, contents and employees is crucial for the borough’s continued economic prosperity.

New York Gates has become one of the most reputed manufacturers of security gates tailored for every kind of business in the tri-state area. From its vast experience, a rolling aluminum grill is the perfect security solution for Queens’ smaller businesses.

While there are several rolling aluminum grill suppliers in and around Queens, finding one that is trustworthy, established, reliable and focused on customer care is essential. New York Gates is an industry stalwart with more than a decade of experience. The company attributes its reputation to manufacturing the most advanced rolling aluminum grills for applications in Queens and its surrounds. Every gate is created using the latest manufacturing techniques and from the most premium and durable materials to guarantee quality and long-term performance.

Given all the different types of security gates, the company makes sure that every customer receives personal assistance in their choice – even visiting them on-site. For instance, a rolling aluminum grill is best suited to a smaller shop in Queens that is located within a building, such as a mall. They are extremely robust, but more elegant than say a steel grille used to protect a warehouse. By ensuring business owners choose a grill that meets their aesthetic and security requirements, New York Gates prevents them from wasting money on inappropriate gates that may eventually need replacing.

The company’s experts also help clients understand technical differences between products for example, an aluminum hollow wire may be required for an application, standard aluminum grilles may need to measure up to 16 inches wide, standard aluminum grill installation requires oil tempered torsion springs, and an aluminum grill curtain wire may need to be constructed from 5/16 inch steel. Almost every application has different specifications.

Another in-demand product is a rolling mall grill for shops located within Queens’ shopping malls and strip mall areas. The Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst, for example, is the biggest mall in the borough and one of the most successful in the country. In 2004, renovations more than doubled the number of its stores, meaning many more security requirements. Other major malls are Queens Place Mall, Atlas Park Mall, the Bay Terrace Mall, Flushing Mall, the Metro Mall, and the Douglaston Mall. Compared to gates used to secure a mall exterior, a rolling mall grill offers these businesses in Queens a more stylish alternative.

The professional installation of a rolling mall grill, no matter where it is in and around Queens, is another essential aspect of full security. New York Gates applies a unique technique to mount these gates to sheet rock. Moreover, when installing grills on a brick wall, special brick bolts are used that are 2.5 inches long and a 1/2 inch wide. If walls and floors are made of concrete, gates are mounted at a 3″x3″ angles and welded to the structure’s top beam. If the gate is huge, such as those protecting the entrance or exterior of a mall, bolts should be 3 inches long and 3/4 inches wide. There are some of the many details that demand expert installation of rolling mall grills in Queens. New York Gates makes sure that every grill it installs, maintains or repairs provides customers with safety and security for many years to come.

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