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Garage Doors – The Face of Staten Island Homes

Garage and overhead doors not only protect Staten Island homes, but upgrade their appearance.

Almost every home features a garage door in Staten Island, however, knowing which to choose is no simple task. While the importance of security is a critical element, and the reason homeowners decide they need a door in the first place, esthetics take on more significance than say choosing security doors for a business. The reason is that unsightly garage doors can mar the appearance of the Staten Island commercial property and even reduce its resale value. After investing a tidy fortune in the look and feel of a property, no-one wants to come home to an ugly gate — regardless of the security it provides.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has been supplying state-of-the-art garage doors to residents in Staten Island and the entire tri-state area. The company has many returning clients due to its reputation for manufacturing best-in-class products that stand the test of time as well as for providing excellent customer service. This service starts with the understanding each customer’s unique requirements. New York Gates’ trained and expert staff may even visit customers on-site to establish all technical, security, and aesthetic essentials. It also places them in a better position to offer the most professional advice on which garage door is a perfect match.

The company has a vast range of garage doors for every type of application in Staten Island to make sure customers have a choice — from door models, to colors and finishes be it vinyl, wood, or steel. Customers are guided through the process. Thanks to its wonderful range of products many people who have garage or overhead doors, but wish to uplift their Staten Island property, approach New York Gates for a new door. This highlights the impact a door has on a property’s charm — one can change the overall look of a home’s exterior simply by replacing a door instead of spending huge amounts of money on renovations. Also, overhead doors do suffer weather damage over the years and as one would paint the exterior of a home, so one should maintain the garage door.

In fact, as part of its customer service, New York Gates offers maintenance and repair services for overhead doors no matter where they are located in Staten Island or its surrounding boroughs. The company also conducts its own professional installations, which is crucial for a gate to function seamlessly and to do so for the long-term. Gates poorly installed can lead to costly repairs and even replacements that might have been avoided.

Customers who select New York Gates as their supplier know that whatever overhead doors they choose for their Staten Island home or business, they will be receive an outstanding and robust security solution. Each gate is crafted by industry experts using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and from the highest quality resilient materials that meet stringent industry standards.

New York Gates remains the trusted and leading supplier whose customers can get on with their lives assured that the security of their commercial or private residence is protected from vandals and thieves by the best overhead doors available in Staten Island and beyond!

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