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Gate Installations Critical for Staten Island Applications

Expert installation and gate repair is a failproof guarantee for long-term security in Staten Island.

With the pervasive threat of break-ins and vandalism, every business and home owner will agree that these days it is essential to install security gates to protect premises and their contents. However, not everyone knows that no matter how advanced the gates may be, inaccurate or incorrect gate installations can render properties in and around Staten Island unprotected.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has built up a reputation as a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art security gates in a wide range of models, styles, colors and finishes to suit every purpose. Each gate is crafted by industry experts using the latest techniques and the most durable materials. However, understanding the vital role of accurate gate installations in keeping properties in Staten Island safe, the company’s experts visit the client on-site, take accurate measurements and then carry out the installation seamlessly and professionally themselves. Having a reputed company do the entire process from the very manufacturer of a gate to its installation, brings customers the most comprehensive, steadfast security solution possible. This is not a given with many companies outsourcing the work or not providing the service at all. This compels clients to hire laborers who might not have the skills or experience to understand the complexities and precision required for gate installations to guarantee long-term protection of a Staten Island application. Poor installation can damage a gate and lead to expensive repairs and replacements in the future.

Given that gates are a technical device like any other, they do experience normal wear and tear. In fact, the most common reasons for needing gate repair in Staten Island and the entire tri-state area, are weather damage; technical faults; damage caused by impact, such as if a gate is hit by a car; or in event of the actual gate breaking down. Manual push up gates depend on springs, which may break; bottom bars sometimes rust; and tracks along which the gates run, my become damaged. Motorized gates are highly dependent on their internal mechanisms, and are therefore prone to mechanical problems damaging the motor or faults in the electrical operating system — such as a malfunction in the wiring, logic board, or switches. No matter what gate repair is necessary, New York Gates experts are always there to help customers wherever they are located in or around Staten Island.

In order to ensure that gates protect properties, the company’s technicians visit customers at their homes or businesses in order to assess what gate repair is required and endeavor to do so on the same day the repair is called in — again, no matter where customers are in Staten Island or its surrounding boroughs. The reason is that New York Gates views customer service as an integral part of its continued success and values its reputation as a company that takes care of its clients even after they have purchased a product. As such, customers also receive a 1-year warranty for every new gate installation in Staten Island. This personalized care ensures that customers continue to choose the company as their supplier of choice with the knowledge that their property is protected in any event throughout the year by industry experts.

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