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Rolling Fire Doors Help Staten Island Prevent Disaster

Fire rated gates significantly prevent property damage in Staten Island in times of emergency.

In 2013, the New York City Fire Department responded to 1,252 fires that occurred in structures in Staten Island. Other than a 6.5% decrease compared to structural fires in 2012 (1,334), over the past decade the number has been increasing incrementally. In November 2014, there were 134 fires in structures — 4.7 percent more compared to128 in November 2013. Fortunately, most fires are extinguished and lives spared, however buildings usually suffer the most damage. By making sure that premises are protected by the most advanced rolling fire doors available in Staten Island and the entire tri-state, this damage can be reduced, as can the incidences of fires overall.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has played its part in preventing the disastrous effects of fires by manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art rolling fire doors for every application in Staten Island and its surrounds. Doors are created by industry experts from exceptional fire resilient materials, using the latest manufacturing techniques. They are also manufactured in accordance with the most stringent industry criteria for safety and fire hazards. Installing rolling fire doors is especially important for Staten Island businesses dealing with flammable toxins or chemicals, such as machinery rooms or commercial kitchens. In addition, they are used to divide areas such as those in retail spaces, elevator lobbies, museums or casinos, as well as corridors such as those in schools, hospitals or any location that requires emergency exits.

New York Gates’ experience and knowledge of official safety requirements enables it to provide customers with the best advice as to which rolling fire doors or fire rated gates best suit their application in Staten Island or any of its surrounding boroughs. For example, a business may be instructed to install fire rated gates by the Staten Island fire department or may be required to install a listed fire door in a rated firewall. ‘Listed’ means a door that has been certified as safe according to industry standards. A ‘rated firewall’ is a fire-resistant barrier that has been tried, tested and rated as capable of constraining the spread of fires through structures.

The company’s fire rated gates installed in Staten Island meet these requirements and more. They have also passed fire-resistance tests to measure their ability to endure fire and give emergency units more time to respond. Moreover, to prevent fires from spreading for up to three hours, doors can be automated to close when triggered by a safety device system, such as a fire alarm or smoke detector.

Since the company regards this issue as extremely serious as well as its responsibility to provide customers with maximum security and protection, its experts carry out the installation of all fire rated gates no matter where they are located in and around Staten Island. Customers are also offered maintenance and emergency repair services to make sure gates are functioning 100% at all times. If fire door installations as well as repairs are not done by trained professionals, they could fail with tragic consequences. This is part and parcel of New York Gates’ customer care philosophy and applies to every type of security gate it manufactures — whether it’s destined for a commercial property, a garage door, a small kiosk or an enormous warehouse. For this reason, the company has earned a reputation for guaranteeing that its customers, their properties and livelihoods are safe and secure — no matter the type of application, its size or location in the tri-state area.

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