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Best Rolling Gates for Staten Island & Beyond!

Long-term security requires superior rolling doors for Staten Island residents.

At the southernmost tip of New York City lies Staten Island. While the borough is the least populated with a total of around 478,652 residents, it far outpaced all of the other boroughs in the rate of population growth between 1990 and 2010. Inhabitants sometimes refer to the Island as “the forgotten borough,” but not for leading rolling security gate manufacturers, New York Gates. The company has been providing state-of-the-art rolling gates to homes and businesses in and around Staten Island for more than a decade in the belief that people in every city, no matter its size, deserve to feel safe and secure from break-ins and protected against vandalism.

New York Gates makes sure that the rolling gates it manufacturers for clients in Staten Island and the entire tri-state area, are not the dreadful, industrial-looking devices as they once were. Today, rolling gates come in a wide variety of colors, materials and finishes to make sure customers in Staten Island are able to protect their properties without detracting from its aesthetic appeal. This is important for private homes, where owners have invested in the overall look and feel and don’t want to ruin the façade or lower its resale value. It also applies to businesses trying to attract clients in the face of ever-growing competition. For example, customers may prefer a half-solid, half-open pattern finish to allow passing shoppers a peak into the shop interior or attractive window display. Alternatively, their choice of gate may be dictated by a brand that they represent and gates even come in gold, black, or white to make their task easier.

No matter what the application, rolling gates produced by the company for its Staten Island clientele are done so by the best industry experts using the most advanced technology and high-end, robust materials that are guaranteed to stand the test of time in all weather conditions.

Another benefit of choosing New York Gates’ rolling doors is that every client in Staten Island and beyond, receives excellent advice and full customer care. The company’s trained staff take the time ascertain a customers’ requirements — from building specs, to esthetics and budgets, as well as the type of application — be it a huge mall, retail store, public driveway, or private residence. They may even visit customers on-site, no matter where in the borough they are located, to answer questions and help them choose rolling doors that best suit their Staten Island application. The aim is to provide a complete security solution that will keep a property and its contents protected from vandals and break-ins for the long-term.

As part of its customer care philosophy and full service guarantee, New York Gates also sends professionals to install, repair and maintain every rolling door, no matter where the client is located in Staten Island or its surrounding boroughs. It is important for clients to understand that gates installed or repaired by inexperienced workers can cause damage to the gate or application itself and lead to malfunctions and even expensive gate replacements.
This means that customers who choose New York Gates’ superior rolling gates and rolling doors to protect their Queens home or business, don’t just walk away with a product, but

New York Gates provides more than just the most durable rolling doors in Staten Island and its surrounds, it provides after-sale support to make sure customers feel secure every day of the year.

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