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How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost?

Roller shutters cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. The price varies according to their mechanical design, quality, and size. Installation costs should also be added to the price with companies charging an average of $175 to $840 per window. Depending on the type of roller shutters, they can cost anywhere

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How To Get a Small Business Loan

Are you opening a business? Are you looking into how to get a small business loan? It can be a stressful time when you are trying to get everything in order. Here at NYGates, we can give you some advice when it comes to starting a small business. Things To

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How to Open a Small Business in NYC

New York has the third-largest economy in the United States and has top access to funding, making it one of the best places in the country to open a business. Opening a small business is a marathon with many important steps along the way. Mapping out your business and preparing

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Top 10 Security Gadgets to Protect Your Business

Nowadays, businesses are threatened externally and from within. Without a proper security framework, you can’t grow your business. In fact, adopting the necessary security measures is not just a recommendation but a must. With so many advances in the security sector, it’s important that you install the right security gadgets.

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8 Benefits of Goal Setting

In life, the gap between successful minds and unsuccessful ones is quite big. But how comes when there are so many opportunities out there? Contrary to what most people believe, the difference between the two is not avoiding failure. Even successful people do fail once in a while. It’s only

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The Top 10 Events in NYC This October

Fall in NYC is a magical time! Check out our blog for the best fall events happening in NYC this October. The Top 10 Events in NYC This October Open House New York Open House New York 2018 is an annual weekend-long event during which historic buildings, architectural masterpieces, sundry

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Own A Parking Lot? 5 Reasons You Need Security Gates

If your business has a parking lot, it is an important part of your entire business operation. Your parking lot is most likely the beginning and end point of every employee’s workday, most customer’s visits, and all suppliers’ deliveries. Whatever kind of business you have, parking lot security gates can

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5 Tips to Burglar Proof Your Business

While burglaries in the New York area are down from last year, burglary of businesses is still all too common. Installing burglar alarms and security lighting are important first steps in burglar proofing your business, but there are other simple actions you can take to make it as hard as

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4 Ways to Enhance Security for Your Small Business

Business security covers a lot of ground, and it is important to have all your bases covered to minimize the chances of a catastrophic loss. Small businesses have a harder time than large businesses when it comes to recovering after cybercrime, fire, theft, and other disasters. Too often, a serious

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4 Ways Security Gates Can Save You Money

Burglaries at businesses are increasing, and break-ins are costly and can even contribute to business failure. Installing security gates, alarms, and lighting are the best ways of preventing this kind of theft. While installing security gates and systems costs money, they can also save money in several ways. Security gates

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