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Top 10 Security Gadgets to Protect Your Business

Nowadays, businesses are threatened externally and from within. Without a proper security framework, you can’t grow your business. In fact, adopting the necessary security measures is not just a recommendation but a must. With so many advances in the security sector, it’s important that you install the right security gadgets. This is to ensure that unauthorized access, sabotage, and burglary are a forgotten thing.

From the office to the main gate, you should have everything protected or monitored by the right gadget. The manufacturers of these gadgets unleash new designs every so often. Your job is to find what suits your business and budget. At the end of the day, the gadget that you install should accomplish one major goal – protect your investment. Here are the top 10 gadgets categories that you should consider investing in:

  1. Motion Sensors

From the name, these devices are meant to detect motion. Normally, they are connected to an alarm system so as to send alerts to it when there is a security threat. You are able to monitor what’s happening externally in your business during odd hours by sensing signs of movements. If you don’t want the alarm to sound, you can adjust its setting. The advantage is that you get audible notifications in case of an invasion. This is important when the thieves are communicating with each other even though their faces are hidden.

  1. Updated CCTV Cameras

These days, it’s hard to run a business without having it under CCTV surveillance. The cameras are able to record everything that happens within their coverage limits. One advantage is that you can get both audio and visual recordings. The other is that you can access past recordings since they are automatically saved as soon as they are captured. Lastly, they can be fitted both internally and externally to secure your business. Thus, they are a great substitute for security guards as long as they are updated.

  1. Modern Security Gate

A gate is essentially your primary security line when it comes to dealing with external threats and the last one when dealing with internal threats. There are so many types of modern gates in the market to choose from. That’s why we recommended partnering with New York Gates to protect your business. We walk you through every step of the process. The most popular are pressure-fit gates, turnkey gates, and hardware-mounted gates. Your job is to identify the one that suits your business and have it fixed. If your current gate is not as effective as you would want, it’s time you upgrade it with an effective modern design. Make sure its effectiveness is enhanced by the motion sensors and CCT cameras that you install.

  1. Smart Lock

This security device allows you to monitor who’s accessing your office when you are not around. It’s fixed on your door. Not only does it lock your office door but it also has an inbuilt camera that takes images of whoever approaches it. The images are sent to your mobile device or PC. The locks are usually compatible with Androids, Windows, and iOS operating systems. The advantage is that you can lock or unlock the smart lock remotely provided that you have access to the internet.

  1. Biometric Lock

Unlike the smart lock, a biometric lock will not send image alerts to your handheld device. However, it will secure your door in the best way possible. it’s ideally meant to protect your office against unauthorized access. You can open the lock using a pin, fingerprint scan or an RF identification. Without your preferred method of unlocking, no one can access your office. You can use this option to lock doors belonging to offices which store delicate information.

  1. Paper Shredder

You probably are surprised that this office tool has made the list. Just try to think for a moment about what will happen if sensitive information falls on the wrong hands. You wouldn’t want that. That’s why it’s important to shred documents that you don’t need before throwing them in the trash can. This eliminates the chance of any sensitive information leaking out. Remember, the threat is often from within.

  1. Security Lights

People who do suspicious things; thieves and saboteurs included, don’t like the lights. They prefer to operate in the dark. That’s why you need to invest in powerful external security lights. They should be able to sense motions. The glare should be enough to scare some threats. With security lights, your motion sensors and CCTV cameras can work effectively at night. You just have to ensure that they are well positioned to cover all angles in your premise.

  1. Laptop Locks

Your laptop is supposed to be a personal gadget. No one who is unauthorized should access it. You can password-protect it but this will not keep burglars away. The only sure way is to lock it against a formidable object. It can be against your office desk or any other solid object. You can do it with a laptop lock that’s purchasable online. This means that the thief won’t have the convenience of picking the laptop and taking it away.

  1. Vehicle Motion Alerts

Your business cars are also an important asset that needs protecting. As they are parked in your basement, they should be monitored remotely. One way to do it is to fit motion alerts around the parking area. The devices work the same way as office motion sensors. Once a suspicious event is detected around the parking area, an alert is sent to the mobile device of the officer in charge in form of a beep.

  1. Fingerprint Safe

Lastly, small-sized valuables like money, cheque books, and sensitive documents need to be kept in a secure, tamper-proof, and fire-proof safe. Such options are there in the market and can only be opened with an authorized fingerprint scan. You can also customize it to be accessed using a special password. You just need to be careful with it to make sure that you don’t share it with anyone you don’t trust and it shouldn’t be easy to guess.

Closing Thought:

Security  is an important factor for any business, just like making profits and taking up more investments. Without security, your profits and investments will be under constant threat and this will discourage you as a business owner. To ensure that your business is a safe place and no one reaps where they never sowed, start by contacting New York Gates!



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