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Broken Spring Repair Keeps New York City Safe

Don’t neglect electric gate repair ― the key to nonstop protection of any New York City business!

Every business owner knows that whether they own a small boutique or massive warehouse, equal care and maintenance must be given to the gates responsible for protecting their merchandise and properties. Guaranteeing security is not just about the presence of a security gate, but their dependable and uninterrupted performance!

For this reason, for over a decade, leading security gate manufacturer and supplier New York Gates, has placed great importance on broken spring repair and electric gate repair in New York City and the entire tri-state area. This is just one aspect of the company’s expertise and one of several ways it guarantees customers’ uncompromising safety.

There are other techniques by which New York Gates assures security. Firstly, company experts help clients choose a gate that perfectly complements their requirements. One requirement may be conforming to strict and complex building specifications and industry-regulated security standards. The type of business also needs to be considered ― a vast space like a mall, warehouses or loading dock with several entry points requires a different security solution from a shop, concession stand, or fast food café. Then, there is the element of esthetics ― no business wants to detract from its’ overall appeal.

Secondly, no matter what gate is selected, company experts craft the gate from only the finest and most durable materials and according to the highest standards. Thirdly, to ensure quality work and to prevent unnecessary repairs or future replacements, New York Gates carries out all of its own installations, maintenance and repairs, such as electric gate repair for New York City businesses.

While the importance of springs is often overlooked, they are a key component of every gate. In fact, besides finding a gate off track, broken band springs are one of the most common causes of gate malfunction. An indication that a spring is broken is when a push-up or manual lift gate is suddenly difficult to open ― it may seem very heavy or will not lift at all. While this is usually considered a minor repair, a broken spring can mean the difference between being able to open a business and having to forfeit a day’s profit. For this reason, New York Gates only sends qualified specialist technicians for all broken spring repairs in New York City and its surrounding boroughs.

No matter its girth or strength, even electric gates can fall prey to a number of operating problems. These include: electrical wiring glitches, weather damage, spring damage, or track misalignment. The company’s technicians are qualified in assessing every type of gate malfunction and always provide timely, professional electric gate repair for New York City businesses.

The bottom line is not to wait until something is broken. Take the initiative and be consistent in contacting New York Gates for thorough annual inspections and maintenance ― just as one would take a car in for its yearly inspection. This is the only way to avoid unnecessary future expenses on performance malfunctions, broken spring repair, or electric gate repair and most importantly, to keep every New York City business running smoothly and safely!

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