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Rolling Gate Maintenance in New York City

Rolling gate maintenance in New York City means year-round safety for your home and family.

When installing a garage door, people typically focus on choosing one that is attractive so as not to ruin the overall design of their property. That’s all well and good, but even more important for long-term safety is garage door repair in New York City and its surrounds.

For over a decade, New York Gates has been manufacturing and supplying residential and commercial garage doors and rolling gates crafted from the finest and most durable materials. Since a garage door is probably the hardest working element of a home, it needs regular maintenance and repair to guarantee smooth operation and continuous, dependable security. Given this, the company does all its own installations and garage door repairs for New York City homes.

If a door is not functioning 100 percent, any delay in its repair can cause a security breach – no matter how temporary. To prevent this, and to save on unnecessary expenses and even replacements in the future, constant rolling gate maintenance in New York City is essential. New York Gates’ knowledgeable staff even recommends booking maintenance and repairs for all gates at least once a year in order to keep them in tip-top shape.

In the company’s many years of experience, the most common types of garage door repair required by New York City homes are oiling doors’ internal mechanisms as well as tracks; fixing the alignment of door sensors to make sure they open and close correctly; electrical problems; repairing lost remote control connections with garage door openers; and realigning garage door tracks to make sure they lift and drop smoothly and have no obstacles blocking the rollers. New York Gates even checks the structure of a gate itself as well as the peripheral area for any potential safety hazards. Customers are advised to contact the company immediately if they experience any resistance while lifting a door or if the door is not rolling effortlessly on its tracks.

Having a professional company perform repairs or rolling gate maintenance in New York City is also used as a safety measure. For example, gate springs are under extreme pressure and can cause serious injury if a maintenance technician is not fully experienced. New York Gates inspects the balance on the springs, reducing or adding tension as required. Customers are also offered additional safety features, such as a safety restraint cable in case extension springs deteriorate or break with time.

New York Gates’ philosophy is that every security door it manufactures should deliver many years of dependable operation. To achieve this, the company views garage door repair and rolling gate maintenance in New York City as both crucial and fundamental in guaranteeing customer safety, security and peace of mind!

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