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Rolling Gates Keep NYC Businesses Covered

New York City is among the most cosmopolitan cities anywhere. People from all over the world and all over the United States come to this bustling center of commerce and culture to live, visit, and do business. The rolling security gates on streets throughout the city protect businesses of every kind in this busy metropolis. From restaurants to second-hand bookstores to upscale fashion shops to small office buildings to and world class museums, security shutters and gates are a part of the New York City landscape.

No matter where business owners come from in the world, they understand the importance of overnight protection of their business property. When the streets empty out and darkness comes around, having rolling gates for driveways and for protecting doors, windows, and loading docks helps any business owner feel more secure about coming to work the next day.
New York Gates specializes in state-of-the-art security gate solutions in the tristate region. Many of the rolling gates in NYC that you see have been installed by this company. Technicians at New York Gates also service and repair all kinds of security gates and provide same-day emergency security gate services in NYC and the boroughs.

Rolling Gates Are Not What They Used to Be

In the past, rolling security gates in NYC were often not very attractive. They were built with industrial style hydraulic openers and noisy motors. The motors were installed inside ugly housings, and they hoisted drab and unappealing door panels to block out criminals. While they did protect the property, these old-style gates did not do much for the business’ curbside appeal.
How a shop appears after-hours can make a difference to business traffic and sales. A business that looks good – even when the security shutters are closed – makes a better impression on anyone passing by. A well-maintained and attractive gate may also give thieves and vandals the inspiration to move on to less cared- for locations.
Rolling gates that protect windows and merchandise, but still allow the displays behind them to be visible, can catch the eye of people on the street and result in a return visit and sales during business hours. In some locations, these kinds of see-through gates are becoming mandatory as a way of reducing graffiti vandalism.

Modern security gates use more advance materials and designs than they did in the past, giving rolling security gates much more aesthetic appeal, durability, and ease of use than older models. Security no longer requires putting up with uninviting, unattractive security gates, giving off a bad impression of your business after-hours. The security gates offered by New York Gates come in many designs, colors, finish surface textures, and materials for every application and taste.

A business’s style and image can be conveyed and enhanced by the right security gate, and New York Gates offers a wide range of products and design ideas for any location and budget.

New York Gates Is an Expert in Rolling Security Gates

New York Gates is a company with over ten years of experience in supplying, installing, and repairing security gates of all kinds, including rolling driveway gates, roll-up storefront gates, rolling entry gates, and special rolling gates for delivery docks, kiosks, and warehouses. Located in Brooklyn, this is a security gate company benefiting their customers with their broad knowledge of the local environment and conditions.

New York Gates works closely with every client to find the right rolling gate solution for each customer’s situation, along with the perfect balance of appealing design, appropriate materials, and flawless functionality with every installation.

Besides installing rolling gates, New York Gates also does maintenance and repair of all kinds of security gate products.

Rolling gates are heavy, moving objects which require some servicing and occasional repairs for good operation. Motors wear out and break down on electric openers. Tracks can get damaged, and safety features can malfunction or need adjustment. New York Gates can quickly service, repair, or install just about any type of security gate system in the greater New York City area.


New Roll-Up Gate Requirements in NYC

In 2009, the City Council voted to phase-in a ban on solid-panel, metal security gates for some types of businesses. The ban will not be entirely in effect until 2026, but for many businesses, solid panel roll-up gates can no longer be used when an existing gate is being replaced.

The two types of businesses affected by the ruling are Occupancy Groups M and B businesses. These include retail stores, department stores, drug stores, copy shops, banks, and beauty shops. Since July, 2011, this law requires all roll-up security gates to provide at least 70 percent visibility through the gate when it is closed. The measure is intended to prevent graffiti vandalism.

New York Gates knows all about these new requirements and has security gates and shutters of many styles meeting the provisions of the new law. New horizontal rolling and roll-up gates are designed to comply with this new rule, and they are also built with stronger materials, have quieter and more efficient motors and openers, and come in new styles, colors, and patterns that can improve the appearance and value of a business property while also protecting it.

Options in Rolling Gates

There are many options to choose from when selecting the right rolling security gate in NYC. Some of the options and choices available include;

  • Gate material type
  • Rolling gate designs – solid panel, accordion-fold, vertical or horizontal lift, etc.
  • Insulation, wind, and weather-resistance options,
  • Perforations and fenestrations
  • Manual, electric, or hydraulic operation
  • Duty rating
  • Color and finish
  • Size
  • Safety and security features.

Materials: Steel and aluminum are the most common materials for construction of the frame of security doors and gates, but other materials are sometimes included in the manufacture of the product. These materials include high-impact plastics and window glazing with tempered glass, Plexiglas, wire-imbedded glass, and polycarbonate materials.

Designs: Rolling security gates also come in a variety of designs including solid-surface panels, accordion-folding gates, gates with windows or other openings, horizontal lift, roll-up gates, and vertical lift designs. Special rolling gates for lunch counters, kiosks, patios, service entrances, and just about every other application are also available.

Insulation: Security gates can be sources of air infiltration and energy loss, and this can be avoided by using gates with built-in CFC-free insulation panels. New gate designs also include weather-resistant jambs and other types of weather stripping on the sides and bottom of the gate to stop water and air leaks and energy loss.

Openings: Perforations or fenestrations can also be incorporated into larger, rolling and roll-up security gate panels for providing ventilation, lighting, and access through a closed gate, when required.

Perforated gates can be made with holes of 1/16 inch in diameter or larger spaced every ¼ inch to ½ inch throughout the panel, or with the perforations concentrated in part of the panel to provide for optimal light penetration and air circulation. Special high-usage pedestrian doors can be built into large gates to allow for passage while the gate is closed.

Operation Method: Depending on the size and location of the gate, manually operated push-up openers, crank hoists, chain hoists, hydraulic mechanisms, and electric motor can be used to open and close the security gate. Gates operated with electric motors can also be linked to remote control devises much like a garage door opener.

Duty-Rating: Rolling security gates come in light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty application ratings. Wind resistance is one consideration when deciding what duty rating is needed in a particular location. New York Gates assists customers in choosing the right rolling gate for their security needs and budget.

Color and Finish: Aluminum gates can be coated with a durable powder finish, high-quality paint, or finished with a clear anodized surface or bronze anodizing for a darker appearance. Steel security gates can be coated with corrosion resistant galvanized finish or painted in almost any color. Paint includes a hardening additive to make the surface extra-durable and easy-to-clean.

Size: Rolling security doors and gates come in every width from small entry doors of 30 inches wide to warehouse entry doors 30 feet across. Fourteen to 26 gauge are the most common thicknesses of metal used in gate construction, and many factors come into play when choosing the correct gauge of metal for a gate, including the weight of the door, the location where it will be installed, and how the gate will be used.

Security Features: Security gates require a locking device. Padlocks are commonly used, but newer rolling gates have advanced, keyless and remote locking activation options as well. Motion detectors and tie-ins to other security devices, such as alarm systems and text messaging alerts, are also available.


Finding the Right Rolling Gate Solution for Your Business

There are many options and considerations when choosing the best security gate product for your home or business. Technicians at New York Gates are ready to work with you to find the optimum solution for your location.

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