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Garage Doors – The Face of NYC Homes

Think of overhead doors as a welcoming committee that also protects your home.

Garage doors need no introduction. Almost every person who lives in a house has a garage door. Just as businesses need protection, so do homes.

The difference is that choosing a garage door for a New York City home, is more sensitive and personal than choosing one for a business. The criteria shift from primarily utility, security and durability to these plus elegance and beauty. Many business owners care about maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their premises to draw customers even when their security gates are down. However, a home completely reflects the personality of its occupants and the structure and architecture of the estate.

For over a decade, NY Gates has been supplying residential and commercial garage doors to customers in New York City and its surrounds. These doors are crafted from the finest materials available. To make sure that a garage door not only provides protection, but blends perfectly into its surrounds, customers can choose from the widest range of colors and finishes such as vinyl, wood or steel.

Knowing which garage door to choose may not be easy for everyone. It can be just as difficult and confusing as choosing furniture or wall colors. For this reason, customers are welcome to approach NY Gates so that a company professional can help in the decision-making process. Experts will even visit customers’ homes to better understand their security, mechanical and aesthetic requirements.

Overhead doors also protect many New York City warehouses. This proves that in addition to their diversity and visual appeal, the doors are practical, sturdy, durable and protect premises against vandals and thieves. To further guarantee their efficacy, NY Gates does all of its own installations and maintenance of any sized overhead door in New York City and its surrounding boroughs. Poorly installed doors from disreputable suppliers will force owners to eventually waste money on unnecessary gate repairs or even replacements.

It is with a deep understanding and appreciation of each client’s unique requirements, that NY Gates has become a leading supplier of garage doors in New York City and beyond!

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