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How To Get a Small Business Loan

Are you opening a business? Are you looking into how to get a small business loan? It can be a stressful time when you are trying to get everything in order. Here at NYGates, we can give you some advice when it comes to starting a small business.

Things To Consider When Opening a Business

When you have a desire to open a small business, you should weigh out all your options and think about every aspect of it. Here are some things to consider:

Conduct Market Research

In doing this you are going to get an idea of the need for this type of business in the location that you are opening it. Opening a store that is the same outlook as five others in the same town, may not be what will drive your business. 

Write Your Business Plan

This is what you want your business to look like. How you want it to run and what you want to make of it. This is the strategy that you will use to get employees to be excited about their decisions.

Fund Your Business

You want to have a clear understanding of the cost to open your business and run it. If you don’t have the amount needed for this, you will need to find ways to raise it or borrow it. 

Pick The Location

One of the biggest decisions you will make for your company is where you decide to locate it. If your business is one with a storefront, you want to be in a clear view on a road that people access regularly. This will affect the total outcome of your business. 

Choose A Business Structure

In this process, you may want to get legal advice. This determines a lot for your business with your taxes, paperwork, and raising money. It also plays a role in your personal liability. 

Choose Your Business Name 

When choosing the name for your business, you will want to find something that is catchy. It needs to be unique and describe what your business is all about. Be sure to make sure the name isn’t already taken by someone else. 

Register Your Business

This is where you make it official and legal. Registering your business name that you spent time on to make perfect is what is going to protect it. Making sure you go through all the right steps when it comes to all the legal requirements is very important. 

Get Federal and State Tax ID

You will need an employer identification number to go and open the business bank account and file taxes. When you think about your state employer identification number, it can be compared to a social security number for your business. Depending on your state and the laws you may need a state tax ID. 

Apply For Licenses and Permits

There are several different components that go into deciding what permits and licenses that you need to have for your business. It depends on where you are located and what the rules are there. You want to make sure that you do your research and make sure you have all the right requirements. 

Open Business Bank Account

It is a good idea to keep business accounts and personal accounts separate. It is a rather simple process to open an account and it will help you keep everything straight. When it comes to taxes, legal things, and just every day financial issues. 

When To Get A Business Loan

There is a right time and a bad time to get a loan. Getting a loan when you are struggling financially and need the money, is probably not the best time to apply. The more stable you are the more likely you are to be approved for a small business loan. The ideal time to apply is before you are needing the money. 

Maybe you are unsure if it is a good idea to get a loan or if you should find another way. When it comes to making sure you have what you need for your business, you need to make the decision of what is important. Some good reasons are things that will add value to your business, to expand, cash flow, or building your business credit score. 

How To Qualify For A Small Business Loan

When starting a business, most of the time people need a loan to get started. Decide on all your big plans for what you want and how much money you are going to need to achieve those goals. You will then do some research on different loans that are available and start the application process. Some of the options there are to choose from are:

  • Bank Loans
  • SBA Guaranteed Loans
  • Microloans
  • Equipment Loans
  • Business Line of Credit
  • Accounts Receivable Financing

When you are going through this process it would be a good idea to know your credit score. Having all of the paperwork and documents together and ready to show the bank can certainly help things go more smoothly. In some cases, it may be very beneficial to you if you put up some kind of collateral. 

Other Options Than a Loan

If you are struggling to qualify for a small business loan or if you are just trying to avoid getting a loan, there are a few other options you can choose instead. Some things like a business credit card, personal loan, peer-to-peer lending, or individual lenders. Depending on how much money you are needing or what you are needing to get with the money will depend on the most beneficial option for you. 

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