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Rolling Gate Installation ― NYC & Beyond!

Expert rolling gate repair and installation is essential for New York City security.

If you had to choose who should install your security gate, would you hire a general maintenance worker or the company that actually manufactured the gate itself?

Having a security gate is an essential investment for any business or home. The choice of gate is not simple as every opening is unique and there are many gate models to choose from. There is also a vast array of colors, finishes and styles. However, the most important factor remains the reason behind the rolling gate installation in New York City ― security against thieves and vandals!

No matter what gate is selected and no matter how strong its’ steel, if a rolling gate installation is not carried out by a New York City expert, security is compromised.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has not only been carrying out rolling gate installations in New York City and its surrounding boroughs, but manufacturing the gates themselves. This means that the company has the experience and expertise to know exactly how to install these gates. New York Gates customers receive 100% protection from a gate designed by a leading brand combined with accurate installation.

The company follows several time-proven, crucial steps to guarantee that each rolling gate installation in New York City is a success. Firstly, an expert meets the client on-site to take accurate measurements, which are then approved by the client. Next, the necessary materials are fabricated from the finest materials on the market. All materials are custom-made per order. Finally, the gate is installed. This method of rolling gate installation leaves little room for error and saves New York City customers time and money on unnecessary repairs and replacements in the long run.

At some point, every gate needs maintenance. The reasons for requiring a rolling gate repair are as diverse as the actual gates fronting New York City businesses. Problems may be caused by weather damage; impact damage ― such as if the gate is hit by a truck or car; an electrical or mechanical problem; or a problem with the gate itself.

Some common rolling gate repairs required for New York City manual push up gates are broken springs, damaged tracks, or rusted bottom bars. Chain drive gates sometimes have broken chain systems, broken torsion springs, or damaged bottom bars. Motorized gates might have a failure in the electrical operating system (switches, wiring, or a logic board malfunction) or a mechanical problem that causes motor damage.

New York Gates will determine the exact problem and course of action by visiting a client onsite. A qualified technician will almost always arrive the same day the client calls for a rolling gate repair. Additionally, the company gives a 1-year warranty for every new rolling gate installation to its New York City customers. Extended warranties are also available. This is all part and parcel of a company’s philosophy of providing individualized customer care and complete service, from the outset, until well into the future!

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