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Rolling Fire Doors – NYC’s Safety

When it comes to hazards, only the best fire rated gates will keep New York City businesses safe.

Rolling fire doors in New York City are not just movie scene props where they roll up at full tilt, whilst firefighters slide down poles, jump into fire engines and tear off into the night. They are actually an important part of many different types of businesses.

Yes, fire departments are one of them, but they are also ideal for businesses that deal with chemicals or toxins, such as commercial kitchens and machinery rooms. Other applications are in cross-corridor situations such as in schools or hospitals or any place where an emergency exit is deemed necessary, and conventional swinging doors are not an adequate solution. They are also widely used to divide areas in casinos, museums, retail spaces and even in elevator lobbies.

NY Gates has more than a decade of experience installing rolling fire doors and fire rated gates for businesses throughout New York City and its surrounding boroughs. The company’s gates are manufactured using high-quality craftsmanship and best-in-class, ultra-resilient materials. This is essential when designing doors where safety and fire protection are a vital element.

Businesses may be instructed to install fire rated gates by the New York City Fire Department. They are also the standard for facilities that require a listed fire door (certified as safe according to an industry standard) in a rated firewall ― a fireproof barrier that has been tested for fire-resistance and rated fit to prevent the spread of fire, such as between or through buildings, structures, or electrical substation transformers.

Why these gates in particular? Firstly, they have passed a ‘fire-resistant’ test that gauges how long they can withstand fire. Secondly, they are designed to automatically close in case of fire and stop it from spreading from one area to another for a maximum of 3 hours. Fire rated doors are also equipped with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165°F. The door’s descent can be triggered by smoke and heat detectors, a building’s alarm system, or other fail-safe devices.

It isn’t always easy to decide what type of rolling fire door is best suited for a New York City business, especially when it comes to meeting complex safety issues and industry standards. NY Gates has a deep understanding of all the issues involved and shares its expertise with clients to ensure that they choose the right gate for their safety and security requirements.

It is interesting to note that fire rated gates are not only chosen for high-action or danger zones, but by regular New York City business owners simply looking to give their properties maximum security against accidental fires or vandals.

When it comes to choosing a rolling fire door or fire rated gate, there is no room for error and choosing an inexperienced manufacturer or supplier can have disastrous consequences. Even when it comes to installation, NY Gates only uses its own specialists as a further guarantee of safety and to prevent unnecessary repairs or maintenance in the future. Bottom line, when it comes to hazards, it’s best to play it safe.

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