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Electric Gate Operators ― The Security Behind New York City

Rolling gate motors are the secret behind the smooth operation of all New York City security doors.

Besides a few revving engines of trucks offloading their goods, an early morning stroll through the streets of New York is filled with the sound of security gates rolling up smoothly as shop owners anticipate a successful day of work.

That smooth sound emanating from security doors is not a given. The secret behind every high-quality security gate is the technology driving them. Their ease of operation, durability and dependability is directly related to the sophistication, accuracy and installation of their operating system.

For more than a decade, New York Gates has been a leading supplier of every type of security gate available for every application. To guarantee the quality and longevity of its gates, the company also supplies and installs state-of-the-art electric gate operators to its customers in New York City and all its surrounding boroughs.

Electric gate operators are usually installed in New York City’s industrial spaces such as warehouses or loading docks and are needed for sectional doors with high or vertical lift. They can also be used to drive fire doors. Less sophisticated electric gate operators may even be used on gates fronting New York City residential driveways.

There are a wide variety of electric gate operators typically installed in New York City and its surrounds. Some comprise trolley operators, while others comprise hoist rolling door operator systems, garage door operators, or sliding garage door openers. There are even electric gate operators for swinging doors operating in New York City’s most demanding applications, where functionality, dependability and resilience are crucial. Clearly, there are less demanding swing doors in residential and commercial applications and New York Gates has a lighter version for these as well.

Rolling gate motors are another operating system for New York City businesses. These ‘trolley-type’ operators use rails to create a path along which the door can travel. A traveling device is connected to the door and a chain is connected from the operator to the traveler. When activated, the operator moves the chain, in turn pulling the traveler, and the door, up along its path.

Hoist and Jackshaft operators are rolling gate motors used for New York City businesses with grille applications. These operators are mounted to the side of the door or in front of the hood. Hoist operators feature a hand chain, so that the doors can be operated manually in case of an emergency. Similarly, Jackshaft operators feature a safety lever, which disconnects the unit so that it can be lifted by hand. By allowing gates to open automatically if AC power is lost or batteries die, all New York Gates’ motors comply with the most stringent industry fire and security regulations.

MG Operators are sturdy rolling gate motors used to run New York City’s heaviest doors, those with many cycles per hour, or a combination of both. Slide Door Operators, on the other hand, are used to partition off areas or passageways, such as a fire partition, freezer door, or warehouse space. These all feature security communication and battery backup.

New York Gates and its specialists are on-hand to share their professional expertise and to guide customers in choosing an electric or rolling gate motor best suited to their application. The company will also continue to produce best-in-class electric gate operators and rolling gate motors that don’t disturb the early morning tranquility along the streets of New York City!

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