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Side Folding Grilles ― NYC’s Sliding Security Solution

Aluminum sliding grilles offer New York City businesses a solid, safe and spacious security solution.

Not every business has the structure to support a typical security gate, however every business needs protection against thieves and vandals. For more than ten years, NY Gates has been a leading supplier of side folding grilles and aluminum sliding grilles for New York City business with this exact dilemma.

Side folding grilles also provide New York City businesses that have openings with low headroom valuable security and easy access control. In addition, they are used as an effective traffic barrier that allow high visibility. The vertical lines of side folding grilles give a unique impression of open space making them ideal for public spaces in New York City. They are also excellent for spaces that need ceiling to floor dividers, such as hospitals, lobbies, offices and even schools.

The grilles generally come with a specially concealed cylinder locking system. They also come with a pocket door, which is a unit that conceals the stacked curtain when the grille is retracted. This gives side folding grilles a neat appearance for New York City business owners who are concerned about the detracting from the aesthetic appeal of their store.

To meet every requirement, be it technical specifications, security, aesthetics, or budget, NY Gates offers side folding and aluminum sliding grilles to New York City shops and stores in a wide range of models and configurations. They can provide security with lightweight materials and they can come in colors and finishes that blend into any decor, allowing protection without being intrusive. They can also come in heavy-duty versions where high strength, extra security, yet ventilation are required. For example, having fully concealed hinge rods are an excellent feature to prevent vandalism.

Aluminum sliding grilles are another popular option for New York City business. These are available with standard aluminum rods or, if ventilation is required, NY Gates provides a beautiful glass option that comes with micro-perforated steel panels. These are perfect for use behind storefront glass and where high strength and ventilation are required such as food courts, schools, sports complexes and public transportation zones. All NY Gates aluminum sliding grilles are manufactured according to the most stringent New York City quality standards and rules.

Another benefit of both side folding grilles and aluminum sliding grilles is that they provide New York City stores with space-saving alignment. Curtains can stack compactly at one end of an opening, or they can be designed to divide into equal parts and be stacked at both ends. NY Gates experts are always on-hand to advise and help customers decide, which best suits their structural, practical and visual needs. By sharing its accumulated knowledge and professional expertise, NY Gates also prevents customers from paying for unnecessary repairs or maintenance in the future. The company also does all of its own installation, maintenance and repairs. Moreover, all aluminum sliding grilles destined for New York City businesses are made using high-quality craftsmanship with laser precision from the most durable and high quality materials. Even the tracks on which the grilles slide are created from heavy duty materials and advanced technology to ensure smooth rolling, trouble-free operation and long-term durability.

For all these reasons, NY Gates customers have the confidence that they are getting the best side folding grilles New York City has to offer!

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