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How to Fix Manual Roller Shutters

You can try and fix your manual roller shutters by detaching the apron from the trunk’s winding axis and lubricating the mechanisms with WD-40. A repair could also be as simple as turning the handle to the correct position. Manual roller shutters can also be commonly fixed with simple repairs

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How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost?

Roller shutters cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. The price varies according to their mechanical design, quality, and size. Installation costs should also be added to the price with companies charging an average of $175 to $840 per window. Depending on the type of roller shutters, they can cost anywhere

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The Best Types of Security Gates for Your Business

Every business needs the best security measures to protect its investment. In a physical commercial setting, one important security measure that you need is the best security gate. It’s able to keep intruders and thieves away. In this case, you are able to protect both physical assets and human resource.

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Top 10 Security Gadgets to Protect Your Business

Nowadays, businesses are threatened externally and from within. Without a proper security framework, you can’t grow your business. In fact, adopting the necessary security measures is not just a recommendation but a must. With so many advances in the security sector, it’s important that you install the right security gadgets.

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Why Some Stores Have Automatic Fire Shutters

When fire breaks out in a commercial location, the potential for loss of property and life can be catastrophic. Automatic fire shutters are one important line of defense against a business disaster involving fire. Fire shutters are a type of rolling, steel door installed in buildings to control the spread

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5 Benefits of Fire Shutters

Fires account for one in every ten insurance claims by businesses, according to a recent study by Hartford Insurance Company. The same study found damage from fires at the top of the list of the most expensive claims. A fire in a business can start for many reasons, and extensive

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3 Ways to Protect Your Business from Theft

If your business isn’t your baby, then it’s at least an expensive investment, and seeing it stolen from is not an option. Theft is always a concern for places of commerce, no matter how small and insignificant you may seem. Thieves may be looking to steal your merchandise, your equipment,

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4 Ways to Properly Source for a Gate Repair Specialist

The process of sourcing harnesses the best skills of the best company, in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Quality and cost are both important factors in sourcing a gate repair specialist. Major corporations source technology specialists, product and shipping services, and practically everything else, including who’s going to

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DIY: How to Fix A Garage Door That’s Stuck

One could say that garage doors are the simplest objects in a house; with the press of a button, the door automatically opens and closes all by itself with no effort from you. Until it doesn’t. When your garage door gets stuck, you may be ready to call a handyman

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