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How to Fix Manual Roller Shutters

You can try and fix your manual roller shutters by detaching the apron from the trunk’s winding axis and lubricating the mechanisms with WD-40. A repair could also be as simple as turning the handle to the correct position.

Manual roller shutters can also be commonly fixed with simple repairs such as checking the power source. Perhaps your mechanisms need to be lubricated with WD-40, or, maybe the handle needs to be turned to the correct position.

Roller shutters are increasingly in demand. The roller shutter market was estimated to be valued at $5.5 billion in 2021. They are a great addition to any property.

This guide will serve you navigate through common problems you may face with your roller shutters.

Fixing Electrical Components of Roller Shutters

The very first step to troubleshooting your roller shutters’ electrical issues is checking the power source. Believe it or not, sometimes the solution is right under your nose! Be sure the power source is switched on.

Light indicators could help you figure out if the shutters are receiving enough power. To reboot the electrical system, you can turn the power button off and on to see if it resolves the problem. You may notice the problem when the shutters don’t open or shut completely.

Sometimes electrical issues are due to electrical failure of the proximity sensors. This problem manifests as the shutters not being able to close all the way. Other times the repair only requires you to change the batteries on the remote control.

How Can I Fix My Roller Shutters That are Stuck or Jammed?

When the issue with your roller shutters does not deal with electrical function, the problem could be mechanical. To unjam mechanical components, spray them with a lubricant such as WD-40.

Once you lubricate all mechanical parts, the shutters should work smoothly. Simply check inside the box on the top of the slats to assess the problem.

Fixing Broken Slats

The slats could be causing your roller shutters to malfunction. Check the slats to see if some of them are uneven or broken. Remove the slats by releasing the clip that attaches to them. Inspect them carefully to see if they need to be replaced.

Replacement slats are available through the manufacturer. Be sure you purchase them with the same specifications. This will ensure compatibility and also make the reattachment easier.

Hire a professional technician if repairing your roller shutters becomes too much of a challenging DIY project.

Common Problems You May Face With Your Roller Shutters

When you own roller shutters, you may face the following common problems:

Tracks Have Dirt or Debris

It is normal that the longer you have roller shutters, the more they will be exposed to the accumulation of dirt or debris. This issue causes them to not have a smooth operation. It can prevent them from running or cause them to have irregular motion. Also, you may notice they are running slower than usual.

Motor is Overheating

Like any motor, roller shutters can overheat from frequent use. Ask yourself if you’ve been using the shutters excessively in a short amount of time. If you suspect that the motor is overheating, let it cool down for at least 10 minutes before continuing to operate the shutter.

Malfunction of Proximity Sensors

The opening and closing mechanisms of roller shutters are controlled by proximity sensors. Check to see if they are damaged or blocked by something. This problem could be fixed by cleaning the sensors or replacing them when necessary.

Structural Damage and Dents

Although structural damage is more frequently seen in commercial spaces that handle heavy-duty equipment, residential shutters can also become wrapped. If your shutters are damaged, they may not be able to open and close. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may have to replace the whole shutter.

Interference of the Code

There is a code that allows your shutters to be automated. The system could be clashing if it picks up the signal of your neighbor’s shutters.

Faulty or Defective Motor

Any motor can turn out to be defective. It’s possible for you to experience complete motor failure. Hopefully, the faulty motor be can repaired to avoid a total replacement.

Blades Are Dirty

There are many products and techniques for cleaning dirty blades. You may be able to accomplish a good cleaning by vacuuming dust and dirt. If the blades still seem dirty, you can wipe them down with water and vinegar.

Malfunctioning Apron

The role of the apron in a roller shutter system is to keep the slats together so that they can be aligned horizontally. Check to see if the apron is out of its axis or damaged in any way.

Disabled Opening or Closing

The most common issue with roller shutters is the failure to open or close. There are many reasons why this problem could be happening. The solution could be as easy as checking the power source.


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Roller Shutters Are Sticking

For roller shutters that are sticking, experts suggest spraying them with a lubricant such as WD-40. The lubrication will help them loosen up and work smoothly.

Shutting Only Halfway

If your shutters are only shutting halfway, it is probably due to uneven, damaged, or dirty proximity sensors. Align, fix damaged sensors, or clean them to fix the problem.

How Can I Properly Diagnose a Manual Roller Shutters?

To diagnose your roller shutters, first, you need to test all mechanisms. Check for the physical integrity of the system for possible causes. Listen to any unusual sounds or anything that you notice different about the shutters.

When you can’t figure out the problem, it is best to allow a technician to assist you. Before attempting an extensive examination of the system, first, check the power source. The solution could be as simple as plugging and unplugging the system.

The Roller Shutter Do Not Raise

If the roller shutter doesn’t raise or only raises partially, there could be several reasons. A crank malfunction could be the reason why the roller shutter doesn’t go up.

Other reasons include:

  • Misaligned, broken, or jammed blade
  • Damaged or blocked apron or winding shaft
  • Apron derailed from its slide
  • Defective motor or power supply
  • Faulty roller shutter switch
  • Remote control has dead batteries

If you assess these reasons and still have no success, it is probably time to call a professional.

Checking the Roller Shutter Switch

When you notice that the roller shutter switch no longer raises, you’ll have to check its many components. Test all parts and repair any faulty mechanism. If your shutter is under warranty, you’ll be able to get help from your installer or manufacturer.

Assessing the Electric Rolling Panel’s Motorization

Motorization issues are typically detected by listening for strange noises. You may hear a sound when you turn on the motor as it fails to raise. If you don’t hear uncommon sounds, it may be an indication that the motor has burned out.

Also, the issue could be caused by a deprogrammed setting, an old capacitor, or issues with the power supply.

Assess the Power Supply

Start by checking that your property has no power failures. Check circuit breakers for voltage spikes or short circuits. You must have the skills to navigate electrical troubleshooting. You have to check that the shutter’s connectors are insulated and in acceptable condition.

It is best not to attempt repairs if you have no electrical skills. A professional will be able to easily assess the issue and perform repairs. ESFi recommends you follow these DIY electrical safety tips.

You can also inform yourself about the National Fire Protection Association’s electrical fire statistics to further educate yourself about the importance of proper electrical troubleshooting.

Adjustments to the Limit Switches

When your shutter does not open, the limit switches may be deprogrammed. This occurs after an electrical bug or power outage. Attempt to fix the issue by resetting the motor and reprogramming it.

Assess Engine Malfunction

When it comes to an engine malfunction, proper assessment requires you to dismantle the system. This is a skill that only trained professionals can perform safely. Don’t attempt to test and repair the engine if you don’t have expert electrical skills.

Typical Solutions to Get Your Shutters Up and Running

Let’s review some of the common solutions that may fix issues with your roller shutters.

Replace the Belt

The belt may be torn or have other damage. You may fix this issue on your own by changing the belt. You can purchase a repair kit and watch a video tutorial to easily achieve this repair.

Adjust or Replace Reel

For a strap that does not rewind, adjust the tension and reconnect to the belt. If this doesn’t work you may have to replace the reel entirely.

Fix a Broken Cue

Before replacing damaged slats, you first have to allow the shutter to unfold. Then, detach the binding straps. You will be able to replace the damaged slats.

Remove Unrepairable Roller Shutter

When the roller shutter cannot be repaired, it is time to remove it. Start by detaching the cord by removing the lamellar, the piece attached to the shaft.

Gather the following tools:

  • Ladder
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

To perform this task correctly, be sure to remove the cord and curtain first. This will allow you to remove the box from the masonry.

The Emergency Maneuver of a Motorized Shutter Can Resolve Many Issues

Most shutter models feature an emergency maneuver that allows you to reassemble it. This great feature allows you to operate the shutter regardless of issues with the motor or power source.

Manually Unhook the Roller Shutter

To manually unhook the roller shutter, start by locating the winding axis in the trunk and unhook the apron.

How to Determine When Shutter Requires a Change of Spring or Tension Adjustment

Lack of tension is indicated by the roller shutter not being able to spring up or down. A variation in the curtain speed may indicate a need to change the spring or adjust the tension.

Roller Shutters Are Not Springing Up and Down as Normal

When shutters don’t spring up and down, it indicates a lack of tension. Feeling tension is necessary when rolling the shutters up and down. If increasing the tension doesn’t work, you may need professional assistance.

Difficulty Pushing Shutter Up or Down

When is very difficult to push the shutter up or down, it is also a sign of a lack of tension.



How do you fix a rolling shutter?

There are many types of repairs your shutter may need. Start by assessing the whole system and detecting possible malfunctions. Some repairs may require the help of a trained technician.

Why is my roller shutter not working?

First, check the power source. If that’s not the problem, observe and listen for possible causes of malfunction to detect the issue. Common problems include a faulty apron and lack of lubrication.

Can roller shutters be repaired?

Yes, many issues can be repaired. Be sure you have the expertise and tools to perform repairs yourself, otherwise, call a professional.

How do you open a manual roller shutter?

Start by cleaning the shutter box and pulling the curtain up. Using a ladder, loosen rail screws and slowly remove shutters from rails. With the company of a helper, remove the box and lower it steadily. It is heavy and you’ll need assistance.

How to fix a jammed roller shutter

First, rule out structural damage. Then, lubricate the jammed shutter to see if this releases it.

Common manual roller shutter problems

The most common issues include problems with the power source, lack of lubrication, a faulty apron, electrical issues, or interference with the code.

How to open roller shutter box

Locate the system hooks and press against the cover. You can also use a scraper to dislodge the joint from the box.

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