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The Best Ways to Keep Your Business Safe and Secure in 2019

If you are a business owner, it’s likely that one of your new year’s resolutions is to increase your assets. This includes finances, stock, computer, and other supplies of monetary value. This is what growing is all about. But you have to understand that the more you grow, the more you become a target. Your business can be under threat both offline and online. So, you need to implement the right safety practices to ensure that your assets and employees are protected. This will not only protect your business from suffering a devastating loss but will also reduce the amount you pay to your insurance as premiums. Each organization is different and thus it’s important to pick a security feature that works for you. Here are 8 best ways you may find ideal in 2019:

  1. Have a First-Rate Modern Security Fence

A fence is normally the first security barrier when dealing with external security threats. It has to be strong enough to lock the intruders out and all together allow the visibility of your premise. There are great options in the market that can serve this purpose. However, you have to go for a first-rate design as it’s easy to integrate with your surveillance system. This will ensure that your commercial premise is protected 24/7 from external intruders. This also minimizes the likelihood of uninvited wandering and surveying around the business.

  1. Invest in a Security Gate from

Just like you depend on a first-rate fence to counter external threats, you also need to depend on an effective security gate for the same reason. The gate is meant to complete the security fence. There are several options at New York Gates that you should consider. They’ll do the installation for you. The most suitable ones for business premises are roll-up gates, electric lift gates, manual lift gates, and storefront gates. Not only does New York Gates offer you new installations but they can also upgrade your existing gates. This will ensure that they meet the expected modern security standards.

  1. Install a Monitored-Alarm System

There are some amazing alarm companies that you can talk to about the installation. In most cases, it’s their duty to monitor the alarm after installation. When there’s an invasion, they are usually the first-responders. With an alarm system and an effective security fence, you actually don’t need a security guard. You can also advertise outside the fence about the availability of the alarm. This will scare most people who have the habit of breaking into business properties to steal or to cause harm.

  1. Integrate CCTV Cameras

Nowadays, CCTV cameras are more of a necessity than a special requirement. They are able to monitor your business internally and externally. Some of the options are hidden and so they often go undetected by the intruders. If you are finding it expensive to fit and maintain an alarm system, it’s more cost-effective to install CCTV. You don’t have to pay anyone for their maintenance unless it’s a routine inspection. The cameras should be able to view all access points.

  1. Lock Doors and Windows

It’s important that you invest in the right locking systems for your office doors and windows. This will protect the rooms from external and internal invasion. For the doors, you need to first ensure that they are of solid construction and are secured with thick metal bars even if they are made of glass. Then, you should fasten them with an automated lock system or hardened-steel padlocks. The windows also need to be secured with metal grates if they are vulnerable. You should then fit an effective lock system to secure them.

  1. Light Up the Premise

Many breakings happen at night. This is because most thieves are afraid of the light. Besides, you need sufficient light to be able to monitor your business better remotely using CCTV. You have to ensure that the entire business perimeter is lit and that you are able to see all the hidden corners properly. There are amazing security lights in the market that you can fit. Of course, the type of lights depends on the surveillance system installed, the size of the premise, and the possible risks.

  1. Secure Valuables in a Safe

A safe is a very important feature in a business where cash is handled. Similarly, it’s important in storing sensitive business documents like the title of the property and licenses. So, you should think of investing in a modern design to keep the details secure. You don’t have to go for any safe just because you have to buy it. It has to be fireproof and secure. This will ensure that the contents are safe in case of a fire breakout and when there is a burglary attempt. Also, you need to change the combination often to keep it secure all the time.

  1. Information Protection

There is always sensitive information in a business that should be protected from landing on the wrong hands. This includes financial records, business plans, and staff personal details. You need to protect the details and here are the ways to do it:

  • Investing in laptop locks – When there’s a breaking, thieves normally go for anything valuable and this includes your laptops. You need to lock them whenever you leave the offices. You can buy the laptop locks online. They are quite affordable and easy to fit.
  • Locked cabinets – Confidential files need to be locked in a safety Only authorized persons should be able to access the storage compartment. This is because losing such information may mess up your business. The cabinets should be locked at all times after authorized access.
  • Password protection – You need to advise your employees to password-protect their computers. They need to use hard-to-guess codes to ensure that all information related to the business is not compromised. The password should be long enough, at least 8 characters, and should combine letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and special characters or symbols.
  • Firewall and antivirus protection – Your business needs to be protected online from all kind of threats. Whether it’s from hackers or from viruses, you need to invest in the right security approaches. So, firewall and antivirus protection need to be at the top of your priority list in 2019.

Final Thought:

2019 is a year to be more vigilant if you are planning to expand. The intruders are becoming smarter and so should you. You need to protect your business against internal and external safety risks. It begins with employing the above safety measures. They are practical and reliable for the new year.


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