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10 Underrated Brooklyn Brunch Spots         

Whether you are nursing a hangover after a happy hour the previous night or you just want to grab an early lunch, Brooklyn has some of the best brunch spots to visit. Every day of the week, you can’t miss an open brunch spot in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, some of the best brunch spots have been underrated in recent years.

It’s high time these brunch spots get the appreciation they deserve. The joints do not just offer the most mouthwatering dishes but they also have amazing packages and their hospitality is top notch. You’ll get everything that you expect from your best brunch spot. Having said that; here are 10 underrated Brooklyn spots you should visit:

  1. Eva Jean’s – 30 Kosciuszko Street, Bedford

A recent addition to the Brooklyn brunch spots market, Eva Jean’s is not a food joint to underestimate. Its residential location may be the reason for its underrating but there is nothing to suggest that Eva Jean’s is not a great spot. The price, for starters, is quite reasonable if you consider what you get. You don’t have to overspend over brunch. You can order anything ranging from mushroom and chicken scramble to quinoa and sweet pancake. To make your brunch complete, you can request for a specialty drink. Interestingly, the ambiance is quite comfortable for a family eat-out.

  1. Petit Oven – 276 Bay Avenue, Bay Ridge

Homemade bread topped with salty caramel always taste better during brunch hours. In Brooklyn, there’s no better place to have it than the Petit Oven. If you don’t prefer salty caramel topping, then you can ask for walnut. Each day, they have something special for the day, including brunch hours. On Wednesday, for example, they are known to offer a three-course package for only $25. On Thursdays, they have homemade brunch specialties for only $19. The restaurant owner usually gambles between American dishes and French dishes. So, if you want to experience both, then you should come to Petit Oven.

  1. Tina’s Place – 1002 Flushing Avenue, Bushwick

Because of its small size, so many people tend to overlook Tina’s Place. However, there’s no convincing reason to undervalue this spot as it’s one of the finest. It has served the Bushwick community for decades. Their brunch foods are really cheap but this doesn’t mean that quality is compromised. Tina’s Place is one of those places that feel like home. You can have pancakes, omelet with toast, bacon, fries, among other tasty brunch items.

  1. Miriam – 79 5th Avenue, Park Slope

The presence of restaurant giants like Talde and Apple Wood in Park Slope is one of the reasons why Miriam is underrated. However, this doesn’t mean that this homelike brunch spot is not worth visiting. On the contrary, it’s a good option for someone on a budget. Their foods and drinks are fairly priced and they serve both traditional and modern options. Owned by an Israeli, the brunch menu at the spot focuses more on Jewish foods. So, expect to identify options like chicken shawarma, spring lamb, apricot, and wrapped shrimp. The dishes can be served with local beer, wine or green tahini.

  1. Jungle Café – 996 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint

Ordinarily, vegans do not have many choices when it comes to brunch. However, Jungle Coffee is changing this tradition. They usually have a wide selection of vegan delicacies that you can order during brunch time. Actually, they have a new theme each week. This means that you’ll find a new twist to their brunch delicacies each week you visit the spot. From blueberries-topped pancakes to tofu scramble, you can order them all at Jungle Café. The bonus is that the options are gluten-free.

  1. Bep – 346 Bedford Avenue

For most locals, this conspicuous space is the finest for locally brewed coffee and omelet. Nonetheless, don’t take their simplicity for weakness. If at any time you want to grab something that’s made from locally sourced ingredients, just go to Bep. In recent years, they have been identified with Vietnamese street delicacies. You are likely to locate the dishes on their brunch menu. The joint is family-friendly and very peaceful.

  1. Belli Osteria – 860 Fulton Street, Clinton Hill

If you are in Clinton Hill, it’s hard to walk around without hearing people talk about Belli Osteria. It’s a fine brunch spot for anyone who’s passionate about authentic Italian classic. Most of the dishes are made from locally-sourced ingredients. So, there’s always a local twist to the serving. Whether you are a vegan or carnivore, you are guaranteed a great time at Belli Osteria. You can order French toast, goat cheese, fluffy frittata, among others.

  1. Brucie – 243 Court Street, Cable Hill

It’s hard to explain why Brucie is underrated in Brooklyn. It’s probably because the brunch spot is Italian. Whatever the reason is, it’s totally unjustified. This cozy Italian spot has some of the finest food items on the brunch menu. Popular options for brunch include sandwiches, pancetta, and burrata. You can also ask for shrimp and green tomato. The combo is great when you really want something tasty to fill your stomach. In addition to the food being good, the atmosphere is great.

  1. Sweet Science – 135 Graham Avenue

Considered a local bar by many, you can’t miss something tasty to grab at Sweet Science. Their entrees are reasonably affordable. You can spend $8 on brunch and be able to enjoy delicacies like French toast, red lobster, home fries, and poached eggs. They are also quite popular with sandwiches and salads. Basically, Sweet Science has everything good that the finest brunch spot needs to have. In case you just want a drink, you can have one of their sweet frozen beverages.

  1. Cholulita – 888 Broadway, Bed Stuy

Lastly, it’s not everywhere in Brooklyn where you can have Mexican servings for brunch. If you want a local experience of the best Mexican dishes, then you should visit Cholulita. This is where you get amazing antojitos and burritos that you can take with Mexican sausage or overstuffed sandwiches. The selling point of this underrated brunch spot is their price. Though the spot looks expensive, it’s far from the truth. As a matter of fact, you can spend just $10 over brunch and be able to have a good time.

Closing Thought:

Generally, Brooklyn has some of the finest and most unique brunch spots. Though some are underrated, it doesn’t make them a lesser choice. You just need to visit them and have your own brunch experience. Who knows, you may change your mind and start liking the brunch spots.

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