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High Speed Doors for a High Speed City

Quality and strength minimizes high speed door repairs for fast-paced New York City businesses.

Everyone in this day and age is in a hurry with no time to waste and less time to spare. There are even high speed doors protecting New York City properties from thieves and vandals. They also make sure that customers can enter and exit a business with ease – no annoying traffic jams trying to squeeze in or out of a shop which, of course, is a waste of precious time!

High speed doors designated for New York City businesses are generally larger than traditional industrial security doors and operate at higher cycles. For this reason they are typically found in industrial locations, such as warehouses, that see a large volume of traffic every day.

Conventional doors are often heavy, cumbersome, and prone to wear and tear. High speed doors, on the other hand, are easy to operate and make life simpler for New York City businesses. They also save time and money, because in the long-run, the need for high speed door repairs is minimal.

NY Gates is a leading supplier of high speed doors in New York City and its surrounds. With over a decade of experience, the company only designs doors using the best craftsmanship and from the finest and most durable materials. NY Gates’ high speed doors provide New York City business with the ultimate combination of safety and advanced manufacturing technology.

There are also a range of doors to choose from, such as those made from fabric or PVC, depending on the type of operation and applications required. High speed doors can be as large as 39 feet wide and 18 feet high, or as small as 3 feet wide by 4 feet high. They are available in a wide array of colors and finishes to suit different aesthetic preferences ― and budgets. Customers can also choose from different visibility options and activation methods. A control box is usually installed on the inside of the door, allowing it to be operated with the push of a button.

High speed doors designed for New York City operations are strong, yet flexible as are reinforced with a PVC vinyl curtain and a soft bottom edge. This makes them safe for workers to operate and not a hazard for the contents of a store window. Moreover, they do not shatter on impact ― if the door is dislodged from its guides, it re-inserts itself at the push of a button. The doors can also be made airtight on all sides, thus protecting the contents of specialized operations such as food processing facilities, manufacturing plants, or pharmaceutical environments.

Since the doors close so quickly, as opposed to traditional doors that are often left ajar, customers and staff within a store remain comfortable on extremely hot days and protected from the freezing cold on others. This also saves electricity and energy as air conditioners aren’t constantly competing with harsh temperatures entering from outside. Talking about small spaces, high speed doors are the perfect solution for New York City shops with not enough floor space to waste on bulky alternatives that don’t close quickly or automatically.

Like traditional doors, high speed doors installed in New York City occasionally need to be maintained and repaired. NY Gates carries out all high speed door repairs itself to ensure their continued long-term operation. The company also offers every client a two year warranty on installations and extended warranty plans are available.

High speed doors are an excellent solution for many customers ― especially for those operating a high speed business in a high speed city!

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