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Bifold Doors – Fit for a NYC Magazine!

If one flips through a glossy magazine on outdoor living, most likely there will be a shot of a gorgeous red barn fronted by huge doors, surrounded by rambling meadows and a modern family ranch. Or there will be a picture of a fleet of luxury aircrafts dwarfed in size by a state-of-the-art, sleek-fronted hangar with a barely-there gate and light-flooding the interior.

What you’re looking at are bifold doors. For a decade New York Gates has been supplying bifold doors to New York City business seeking an amazing combination of security and aesthetics. Unlike hydraulic doors, which open upwards as a single unit, bifold doors fold inwards at an angle on pivots and hinges, saving New York City businesses valuable operating space in front of their buildings. Their benefits don’t end there. These doors also allow extra sunlight and air to enter ― some operations, such as riding arenas, even have bifold doors installed along the full perimeter of the building allowing the entire structure to be opened up.

Bifold doors are usually installed in New York City’s commercial and residential areas. The beauty of the doors is that they are extremely adaptable and can be found fronting the smallest of openings to the largest ― be it small glass windows overlooking a beer garden, massive riding arenas, malls, or even tiny ticket booths at a stadium.

Bifold doors can be made of virtually any material, but for New York City homes they are usually designed from stainless steel and glass. Since the floor guide channels are hidden when the doors are closed, they not only look great to the eye, but offer added protection against debris and dust. Another benefit, is that bifold doors provide New York City operations with airflow when desired, yet seal up weather tight in snow and ice! This tight insulation saves energy, which in turn saves money.

Due to New York Gates’ advanced design and construction of bifold doors, they contain less moving parts than other doors bringing New York City businesses a smooth running, longer-lasting security solution. They can be designed to open and close electrically; by long-lasting, non-fray polyester lift straps; or by hydraulic pumps. They are quicker, quieter, safer and easier to operate as staff don’t have to exert energy or risk injury by pulling on steel cables ― the mode of operation of many old sliding doors. They also rarely bow or sag.

Although bifold doors have been protecting New York City businesses for years, every door eventually experiences some damage over time. Harsh weather conditions, for example, can cause wear and tear on even the most durable of doors. For this reason, New York Gates technicians are well-versed in all types of bifold doors repair and maintenance in New York City and all its surrounding boroughs. Moreover, the company performs all its own installations to minimize future bifold doors repair so that its customers in New York City and beyond, do not waste money on unnecessary replacements down the line. This is only one example of New York Gates’ emphasis on providing top customer service, the utmost professionalism, and high-quality, durable products that never stop working!

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