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NYC’s Electric & Manual Lift Gates

Whether its manual lift or electric rolling gates, tailored top security is now within reach.

Every shop owner knows that when the sun goes down its time for the electric rolling gates of New York City to come down too. Having impenetrable security after sunset is just another facet of city life — it may not be prime time for shoppers, but abandoned streets are prime time for thieves and vandals.

Shops are not the only soft targets. High traffic areas such as loading docks and warehouses even residential homes need state-of-the-art security, but what kind of security gate should one install?

NY Gates, a leading security gate supplier for nearly a decade, gives customers expert advice as to which gate will perfectly suit their requirements. The company’s experienced and ever-friendly staff are on hand to solve every dilemma, answer any question and provide many creative solutions. For instance, many business owners are concerned that at closing time, their staff will battle physically with the more traditional manual lift rolling gates in New York City. After all, a lawsuit from an injured employee is the last thing any business owner needs. In such cases, company experts would recommend that customers choose from the best selection of hi-tech electric rolling gates NYC has to offer.

These gates however, may not fit everyone’s security needs or budgets. For this reason, NY Gates also offers the finest selection of push-up and manual lift rolling gates in New York City. Whether for commercial or residential use, manual lift gates can be push-up or operated with a chain system. Besides being less expensive than their electric counterparts, they can always be opened or closed regardless of a power source.

Today, more and more business and home owners choose electric rolling gates in New York City. They are extremely easy-to-use and respond quicker — another important safety measure. Potential thieves know how to spot a young or older employee struggling alone to close a manual push-up gate. The time it takes them to close shop makes them an easy target.

Another benefit of an electric rolling gate lies in its combination of advanced technology and simplicity — each gate motor comes with a manual setup to make sure that even in case of a power failure the gate can still be closed and the property and merchandise secured. NY Gates’ consultants also help customers determine what motor is best for their business or home. Being technically advanced, there are other details that company professionals can advise on, such as whether a customer will find it easier to operate their gate by the simple touch of a button on the side of the door or via a personal keypad.

Once the type of gate has been selected, the installation is just as important and requires the utmost precision and expertise. NY Gates has a great deal of experience in installing, repairing and maintaining gates for companies and homeowners in the entire tri-state area. In fact, the company does all its own installations in order to give customers a guarantee of quality and to prevent them having to pay for unnecessary repairs or maintenance in the future due to poor installation. The company also makes sure that every single gate it produces comes with a guarantee that they are manufactured by top professionals using the finest, most durable materials. They also come in a range of materials, colors, styles and finishes and whatever the application, there is no need to give up on style for protection.

The bottom line is that our electric rolling gates or manual lift rolling gates in New York City make it easier, safer and simpler to protect any property, anytime and anywhere!

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