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Countertop Shutters to Counter New York City Thieves

Rolling shutters are an essential security measure for even the smallest New York City business.

Today, one can find countertop shutters in New York City adorning almost every concession stand, fast food café, stall at a stadium or amusement park, and any kiosk in an outdoor area.

Countertop shutters are also perfect for small, indoor New York City businesses with low head room. Their nifty design brings security to any above-counter openings and other similar finished apertures on interior and exterior walls. They are a classic choice for securing these spaces, because they are small and feature more attractive guides, slats, brackets and hoods than rolling doors. Rolling shutters are also used by many New York City businesses seeking compact doors that can fully close to the floor.

Having countertop and rolling shutters in New York City is an essential investment for every business no matter how big or small. The point is that in these uncertain economic times, it is imperative that business owners do everything possible to protect their property and merchandise whether it is a sprawling warehouse or a hot dog stand.

For more than ten years, New York Gates has been a leading supplier of countertop and rolling shutters in New York City and its surrounding boroughs. One of the many reasons for the company’s success is that no matter how small a business or budget, every customer receives the same, exceptional treatment, attention and service. Firstly, all rolling shutters destined for New York City stores are made using high-quality craftsmanship with laser precision from the most durable and high quality materials. Secondly, NY Gates shares it expertise with clients to make sure they make the right choices that not only match their aesthetic, technical and security requirements, but prevent unnecessary repairs or maintenance in the future. Thirdly, by doing all its own installation, maintenance and repairs, customers can be confident that they are getting the best countertop shutters New York City has to offer.

NY Gates offers shutters in a wide range of dimensions, colors and finishes to suit every client. Countertop shutters are available with a standard motor and with a hand crank or push-up designs depending on the size and weight required. Lifting the counter door only requires 25lbs of force making it easy and safe for workers to operate. Concealed tubular motors also a solution for challenging dimensional restrictions around the header or for aesthetic requirements that lend themselves to its smaller, compact design.

The standard rolling shutter door size is 21ʺ wide and 10 ʺ high for most New York City stands. They come in many materials, such as stainless, primed or galvanized steel; in many finishes, such as clear, colored or with a powder coating; and in a wide range of colors. Shutters are also available with perfectly matching countertops designed and supplied by NY Gates. Another exciting option is shutters designed with graphics – these are full-color images on the curtain and hoods. Kiosks at a stadium for example, can boost their income by offering these spaces to sponsors or can use the space for their own advertising purposes. Shutters can also be perforated to achieve visibility and aeration.

At the end of the day, the key to security lies in selecting rolling shutters that combine superior design suited to a New York City business, with long-lasting use for any application. No matter what the nature of the business, protecting property and merchandise after closing is as important as bringing in customers during the day.

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