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Shutters – Small, Yet Securing New York City

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to security – fire shutters are an essential for NYC business safety.

Closing shop doesn’t always mean rolling down heavy, industrial ceiling-to-floor security gates. While perhaps not as manifest, shutters are miniature security gates that play just as an important role in protecting New York City businesses from thieves and vandals. The difference is, that these gates are designed for smaller apertures such as cashier windows, concession stands, and window openings.

NY Gates, a leading security gate manufacturer, places as much importance on using quality craftsmanship and best-in-class raw materials in the design of shutters for New York City businesses. Moreover, the company offers customers a wide variety of materials, colors, designs, and finishes to choose from, because even for the smallest space and specifications, every store owner deserves a gate tailored to their security and aesthetic requirements.

Shutters and fire shutters installed in New York City establishments are typically fitted with small, 1.5″ flat or curved slats, which can be galvanized, painted or powder coated. The lowest bar can be constructed from steel or stainless steel. For example, stainless steel shutters are typically used in New York City commercial kitchens, because they prevent rust and match kitchen appliances. This is an excellent example of combining functionality and style.

Most businesses today are aware that security is a necessity, yet are reluctant to ruin the appearance of their window front after closing. This is especially significant when securing small apertures. Take for example concession stands and duty- free kiosks at popular, high-traffic international airports. While the shops close, commuters may literally still be window-shopping around the clock. Also, when closed, shutters should form part of the overall appearance of the space they protect and not dominate it. The appearance of the shutters securing a tiny, luxury jewelry booth at a New York City airport is as important as the appearance of the huge rolling gates securing the entire building.

Back to security issues. Prior to any installation, NY Gates makes sure to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the needs of each business. It also designs and installs fire shutters in accordance with all New York City Fire Department (FDNY) regulations. By meeting these laws up front, customers are saved time and money on shutter replacements in the future. Clearly, these fire laws are there for a reason – in October 2013 alone, there were 2,061 fires in New York City structures.

As far as technical details are concerned, fire shutters protecting apertures in New York City shops are small, yet made from durable materials. Even their operational motors are of industrial quality and standard. They are also fitted with safety features to prevent staff injury and, as with large fire doors, close automatically in case of fire to stop the fire from spreading and damaging the precious merchandise within. Fire shutters also come in a wide range of colors and finishes, including optional weather sealant. Fire shutters and ordinary shutters allow for safe operation, ease of use, and a long lifecycle. They can be remote controlled, closed on a timer, or manually operated by means of a hand crank.

On account of the many choices and decisions involved, NY Gates always shares their expertise with clients to make the choice easy and to help them meet their aesthetic, building and security requirements. No-matter the size of the shutter or its purpose, New York City businesses can rest their security in the hands of industry experts, NY Gates.

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