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Look after your security gates in New York City and they’ll look after you!

Store front gates are very prevalent in New York City. Even if most people don’t notice them, they are there en masse and for a very good reason. Without security gates in New York City, business premises and their contents would be completely exposed to vandals and thieves. This is just the reality of every bustling, modern city in the world.

While the average onlooker might think every security gate is more or less the same, professionals and long-time business owners know and appreciate the differences. In order for a gate to achieve maximum security, it has to comply with operational safety standards. Old or faulty store front gates can injure staff trying to operate them. In fact, even the best security gates in New York City need to be maintained annually and greased about every four months. This maintenance also ensures that the gates are fully functional in their safeguarding capacity and remain so for the long-term. Neglected gates cost more in repairs and replacements down the line.

Only fly-by-night and dishonest security gate suppliers will tell clients that once installed, a gate is good for life. A trusted and experienced supplier, like NY Gates, will share maintenance details with a client from the outset to save them unnecessary expenses in the future.

NY Gates also gives customers a one year warranty, because its experts know in all sincerity, that even the strongest store front gates in New York City are susceptible to damage by unpredictable weather; a worker hastily trying to shut them incorrectly; or a driver at a warehouses or outside a home accidentally knocking a slat out of place. NY Gates carefully considers these everyday occurrences and uses only the most durable and resilient materials on the market when producing and installing security gates. The company’s technicians are on call 24/7 and respond immediately to any requirement — no matter how large or small.

For more than a decade, NY Gates has been known for its availability, perfectionism, high standards and ethics, excellent customer service, and for having a solution for every customer. Business owners concerned about weather conditions for example, can request additional wind and water seals on their gates. This involves adding an additional plastic sleeve and an extra flat cover for the hood.

Every space also has different sizes and specs – be it a loading dock, retail store, or private home. NY Gates experts visit customers on-site and advise them as to which gates best suit their needs from every aspect. One aspect is esthetics, which means giving customers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of materials in different colors and finishes that enhance their store front as opposed to making it look outdated and uninviting. After all, nobody wants their beautiful cottage marred by an industrial security gate or their elegant, high-end retail store downgraded by a behemoth security gate in the middle of New York City!

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