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Fire Door Operator Protecting NYC

Having superior operators and doing fire door repairs, is key to securing New York City businesses.

There is no greater wakeup call to the devastating effects of a fire, than a news headline reporting that a local business went up in flames. Most often, these properties were not well protected or did not meet fire regulations. However, before running out the nearest fire door supplier in panic, there are a few essential things to keep in mind.

Firstly, if a business owner doesn’t already have a state-of-the-art fire door, they should invest in one from a reliable and established company. Secondly, the real safety lies in the fire door operator driving a New York City business’ fire gate. No matter how rugged the gate may appear to be, if the mechanisms are not top-notch, the gate is rendered useless in case of an emergency. Thirdly, because of the seriousness of a fire hazard, fire doors need to be maintained to ensure continual safety.


New York Gates has more than a decade of experience in supplying fire doors and fire door operators throughout New York City. Every fire door operator designated for a New York City business is manufactured using high-quality craftsmanship and superior, resilient materials. The company not only fully guarantees the safety of its doors, but the full-functionality of their operators.

Fire door operators are typically used to operate New York City’s rolling steel fire doors. The operators are equipped with an automatic closing feature, which must be able to close the door completely in case of fire without needing power. New York Gates always makes sure to abide by NYC fire code regulations when deciding on the suitability of the operator’s electrical components. It also follows regulations when deciding on the best location and method of installation of the fire door.

Fire door operators are generally installed in New York City industrial locations, such as warehouses and office headquarters. They are available with or without a battery backup and different models are equipped with different control devices. For example, an operator may have wireless keypads, which can be programmed to accept a four-digit code; it may feature a handheld transmitter with a few keys to provide convenient remote activation from a vehicle; or the fire door operator may be activated from a solid control station at the entrance of a New York City building. Single, double and triple button control stations are available as well as key-locked or keyed switches for extra security.

As for maintenance, fire door repairs are essential in the protection of New York City businesses. The most common reasons for needing to repair a fire door are an unresponsive operator; a problem with the power supply, power voltage or electrical wiring; a problem with the door itself or the tracks on which it runs; or a problem with the settings. Whatever the reason, problems should never be ignored. In fact, New York Gates recommends that its clients test the mechanical manual operation of their fire doors at least once a year to make sure that all the cables are secure and in their proper place. The company also recommends that electrical doors be triple-tested every three months to identify any maintenance problems. New York Gates does all installations and fire door repairs for its New York City customers to guarantee that they provide dependable safety 24/7.

Serious business owners should ensure the security of their employees and property. The only way to do so, is to turn to a supplier with experience and expertise in providing every application with a full solution that meets every fire security regulation year after year!

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