How Long Do Garage Doors Last

The door on your garage needs to function properly to provide the security and privacy that you want from it. This is an area of a home where people store belongings and their cars. You wouldn’t want it staying open for all to see what’s inside. If your door is not working correctly, you will want to get it fixed. 

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Garage Door?

The time in which you will need to replace a garage door is going to depend on the owners of the door. How much usage it has had and how well it was maintained. With great care and attention, you will get the full 15 to 30 years out of your garage door. 

Without these services, you could see long lifespans, and then you could need to replace yours sooner. This timeline is just a suggestion, as some climates will cause parts to wear out faster. Sometimes, that means some simple repairs, but other times it could mean a replacement. 

When To Repair And When To Replace?

It can be hard to come to the decision of replacing or repairing your garage door. If it can be repaired for less money than replacing it, that is what you will want to do unless you want a different style. 

The cost of a garage door can be costly. That is why you want to make sure you are making the right decision. Here are some helpful tips to consider when trying to decide.

Reasons To Repair The Garage Door

  • You Need Replacement Parts
  • Batteries On Fobs Need Changed
  • Need For New Door Hinges
  • Simple Repairs For Noisy Doors

Reasons To Replace The Garage Door

  • There Are Many Areas Showing Signs Of Rust
  • It No Longer Functions Effectively
  • There Is Sagging In The Door
  • You Don’t Have Proper Insulation
  • Your Energy Bills Are Increasing Due To Poor Sealing
  • Dents and Dings That Can’t Be Repaired
  • You Notice Wrapped Areas
  • There Are Major Cracks and Damage
  • Multiple Broken Parts

How Long Do Garage Doors Last?

Most people can expect to get an average of 15 to 30 years of use out of their garage doors. It is important to know that is just a suggested time frame. The life expectancy of a garage door can vary in many different ways. Some of the things that you need to consider are:

  • Usage- The more you use a garage door, the faster parts will wear out. When you keep a close eye on the parts and maintain them often, you will get more prolonged usage out of it. 
  • Environment- Some environments are more rainy, humid, or dry. This can play a role in the function of the moving parts of the garage door. It can cause dry rotting, rusting, and more.
  • Quality Of The Door- You can look at five garage doors from 5 different places, and they will all be made differently. You want to pay close attention to the quality of the door you choose. When making your decision, make sure you are making the right choice for your environment. 
  • Maintenance Done- Regular maintenance can save you from replacing a garage door when things are not functioning correctly. If you leave minor problems, they become bigger ones over time. Also, checking on everything when there isn’t a problem can help it to last longer. 
  • Price-  It is true when people say, “you get what you pay for.” That doesn’t always mean the most expensive item is always better, though. Do your research and make the best decision for your home.

When To Replace A Garage Door

Are you trying to decide between repairing your garage door and replacing it? Over time, no matter how well you take care of things, they will wear out. Take into consideration the door’s age and what all is going on with it. It will cost you on average 50% less than replacing it if you can repair your door. Here are some helpful tips to think about when deciding:

Your Door Has Damage From Wear And Tear

The garage door is subject to a lot of wear and tear. The weather ailments will take a toll on it after so long. The mechanics of the door will also accumulate dirt and debris. When that happens, it can cause things not to run correctly. Then there is also the constant movement and weight load. Over time this will wear out and need to be replaced. 

Your Door Isn’t Opening or Closing

If you have tried to replace the buttons and other garage door mechanics to make it open, and it still isn’t working, you need to replace it. The primary purpose of a garage is to open it, drive your car in, and close the door. If that is not what is happening, it is time to replace the garage door. 

The Door Has Obvious Signs Of Damage

If your garage door is damaged badly enough to affect its functioning, you need to replace it. Some damages can be left alone or repaired. Then there are some that you only have the choice to replace it. 

Your Garage Door Is A Safety Hazard

There are many ways that your garage door can be a hazard area. If you notice things like loose nuts and bolts, that can lead to someone getting hurt. When garage door springs, nuts, and bolts are broken, it can cause it to fall too quickly. If someone or something is in the way, they can get crushed. 

Your Energy Costs Are Increasing

Your home’s energy cost can increase when your garage door is not sealing correctly. If you notice a change in your bill and can’t figure out the problem, check your garage door. By replacing your garage door, you can see a drop in your energy bill each month. 

Don’t Forget About Garage Door Preventative Maintenance

It is always essential to perform preventive maintenance on many of your home items. This is a service that will help to make sure all things are running as they should. You can do many of these tasks independently without a professional’s help. Here are some areas to pay close attention to or make special times to set aside to check on things:

  • Test The Garage Door Routinely- To Be Sure Everything Is Functioning Well
  • Listen To How It Sounds- Check On Strange Noises
  • See How It Is Functioning- Always Tend To Bad Functions
  • Check For Loose Hardware- Tighten All Needed Areas
  • Replace The Rollers As Needed
  • Inspect The Weather Stripping- These Strips Can Wear Out and Need To Be Replaced
  • Check The Cables
  • Test Garage Door Opener Regularly- Batteries May Need To Be Replaced
  • To A Good Look Over- Depending On the Type Of Garage Door, You Have, Different Maintenance May Need To Be Performed.
  • And More

Garage Door FAQ

Some of the commonly asked questions that are asked are listed below. 

Questions: How Much Will A New Garage Door Cost?

The company you use and the type of garage door you choose will make the price vary. On average, you can look to spend around $900 for a single and $1,100 for a double garage door. Then you will need to factor in installation costs. It’s recommended that you factor in 20% more money being spent than you expected. 

Questions: Do Modern Garage Doors Require Lots of Maintenance?

It is always advised to perform regular maintenance to any moving mechanics of your home. No, modern designs are less attentive than older models. 

Question: If I Have A Problem, Should I Fix It Myself?

It depends on your level of experience in what you’re trying to repair. If you know what you are doing, you may be able to fix the problem just fine. Don’t try to resolve issues that are beyond your knowledge. 

Question: How Do I Dispose Of My Old Garage Door?

If your garage door is made out of metal or aluminum, you should recycle it. Go to or call your local recycling company and let them know you have a garage door you are trying to recycle. 

Question: Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Storm Damage to My Door?

With many insurance companies, your garage door is covered in your policy. You can call your company and see what all types of things they cover for it. 

Question: Will I Be Able to Paint My Garage Door Later?

You do not have to paint a garage door immediately after installation. It is even possible to change your color when you get bored of it after a few years. 

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