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Insulated Rolling Doors and Gates in NYC

For many people, the words ‘security gate’ evoke images of commercial shop fronts at closing time after a busy workday in the city. However, there are many other types of premises that need protection from break-ins and vandalism. There are also many different types of security gate solutions for each, such as the insulated rolling doors in New York City.

Large businesses such as factories, warehouses and malls also need security and a great deal of it on a large scale. A warehouses or loading dock, for example, might house trucks, buses, boats or planes, therefore a large percentage of the grounds comprise wide open spaces.

Catering to these often complex requirements involves an intricate understanding of all aspects of the manufacture, supply, selection, and installation of insulated rolling gates in New York City. When such vast areas need to be protected, there is no room for error. Also, because of the grand scale, gates need to last for a long time and be low maintenance. These areas are also high in traffic and therefore materials need to be crafted to withstand wear-and-tear and be as close to damage-proof as possible.

NY Gates has been a leading supplier of insulated rolling doors in New York City and its surrounds for more than ten years. The company’s experts take all these requirements into consideration from the design, through to the manufacture and installation of every single gate it produces.

NY Gates produces insulated rolling gates for NYC’s businesses out of galvanized steel with double-side slats and foam insulation. These doors are the perfect solution for large businesses, because they combine energy efficiency, strength and durability. Insulated rolling doors are also ideal for keeping out noise and reducing unwanted dust and draughts. In fact, NY Gates often installs these doors in warehouses to lower the energy cost for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

The gates can also be used for residential purposes. Recently, a client on the 6th floor of a Manhattan office building wanted to create two conference rooms out of one. Using its creativity and expertise, NY Gates installed an insulated rolling gate so that conferences could be held at the same time without any noise disturbances.

Insulated rolling doors designed for New York City’s loading docks are usually 18ʺx12ʺ to 25ʺx16ʺand usually several gates are required to protect the wide open areas. For warehouses, as well as some loading docks, NY Gates typically recommends solid steel, 18-22 gauge doors with 3″ or 4″ curved or flat galvanized slats. Wind locks and end locks are also routinely installed with these doors.

NY Gates stands behind its quality guarantee with the utmost confidence by using the most durable and resilient materials on the market and by doing its own high-precision installations. The company also specializes in giving customers turnkey solutions that are tailored to meet their unique requirements from budgets, to esthetics, to business spaces.

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