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Rolling Aluminium Grilles take NYC

NY Gates has the definitive rolling mall grill for every New York City business.

There are so many different types of security gates on the market that it can be quite daunting for business owners to decide how best to protect their premises. There are also many companies claiming to have the perfect gate for every solution. So, who to trust and how to decide what gate to choose?

Rolling aluminum grilles often seen in New York City, are the perfect choice for smaller businesses such as cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. They may be the right choice, but the choice of supplier is equally important. NY Gates has been supplying rolling aluminum grilles to NYC and its surrounds for over a decade. These gates are made from the finest materials and finishes available and come with a guarantee of quality, high-performance and durability.

The reason why an aluminum grill is most suitable for interior locations is that it is not as heavy as a steel grille, yet it is extremely sturdy. They also give a more classic look to smaller businesses than say gates that would be used to protect warehouses or loading docks. NY Gates is staffed with industry experts to help ordinary business owners understand these and other important details to make sure they choose the correct door for their needs. For example, should the aluminum grill curtain wire be made from 5/16 inch steel or an aluminum hollow wire? Also, standard aluminum grilles can be anything up to 16 inches wide! NY Gates prevents customers from making wrong choices that will cost them in gate replacements or repairs in the future.

NY Gates maintains its excellent reputation as a provider of ultimate customer service and top-quality products by doing all of its own installations and repairs. The process is not simple and requires expertise. For instance, a standard aluminum grill installation requires: an aluminum grill curtain, oil tempered torsion springs, steel brackets for wall attachments, extruded aluminum guides and continuous steel wall angles, a steel pipe barrel, and an optional aluminum or galvanized steel hood.

Malls are another very important type of business and their security needs are unique. They contain many shops, each of which needs security, and the mall itself and its entire premises need protection from theft and vandalism. NY Gates designs and installs an exclusive range of rolling mall grills in New York City and its outer boroughs. These grills are specific for use solely in and around malls. The benefit of having an aluminum rolling mall grill is that it won’t rust, it is lighter than steel, and has a cleaner looking finish than a steel grill, which is always designed with a plastic sleeve coating.

When installing a rolling aluminum grille on a brick wall, NY Gates uses 1/2 inch brick bolts that are 2.5 inches long. If the gate is over-size, such as the front gates of a mall, the company will use 3/4 inch brick bolts that are 3 inches deep. In situations involving brick or concrete, a gate will usually be mounted to the concrete floor with a 3″x3″ angle and welded on top to the building’s beam. If there is no existing frame, the company will install one either out of steel or wood. For small interior gates, NY Gates uses a special technique to mount the gate (or shutter) to sheet rock.

NY Gates is able to answer every requirement down to the smallest detail. Business owners, especially those of small shops, are often concerned that a rolling aluminum grille will ruin the look of their business and deter potential customers. Owners of large malls who have spent a fortune on design and architecture have the same concerns about installing rolling mall grills. For this reason, NY Gates offers a wide range of finishes, colors and designs for every type of door, no matter how big or small. When it comes to a rolling aluminum grille or rolling mall grill in New York City and its boroughs, NY Gates is where the buck stops!

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