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18th Annual NYC Summer Blues BBQ in Clinton

August in New York City is one of the greatest things about summer in the big apple. The sweltering heat of July has finally begun to cool. For food festival lover’s, this time of year is a golden opportunity to catch the last summer culinary highlights of the city, before once again, they fade from our lives for another three more seasons. Summer food festivals provide New Yorker’s with a flair for the unusual after the harsh winters. Food-fests can include everything from traditional old favorites to a taste for the exotic; introducing new cultural perspectives into our daily cuisine. For dedicated foodies, these tasty pleasures are part of the ultimate meanings of New York City life. Here‘s a last chance summer food and music fest which is going on in August, that’s a must see occasion for all of the city’s food, music, and summer fun seekers before it’s September and the summer’s already gone.


Five restaurants and five well-known blues bands are getting together on August 19th, starting at 2 PM at Pier 97 in Clinton (Cross-street, W 59th St.).  Admission to the food and music festival is free. There is disabled access provided as well.  The venue location at Clinton Cove provides an expansive open green space spotted with trees.  The park and the Hudson River also provide boaters with boathouse facilities to enjoy and the visiting pedestrians a great place to walk along the river’s close shoreline.

The park encompasses 550 acres, 400 of which are actually located on the Hudson River.  It offers three non-motorized boathouses that are perfect for kayakers or canoers. This will be the 18th annual Blues BBQ.  Clinton Cove has a long New York history. The cove is named after a 19th Century New York Governor, Dewitt Clinton.

Factory sealed plastic water bottles are permissible to bring into the huge event, a long list of prohibited items and activities are not allowed at all, though, including smoking, pets, bikes, skateboards, scooters and any other motorized vehicles whatsoever. Lawn chairs, umbrellas, and framed or large backpacks will also not be allowed, along with video and audio equipment.

Blues BBQ Band List:

The Campbell Brothers –

The Campbell Brothers are an African American gospel, electric steel guitar, and vocals band.  The band’s members include Chuck Campbell on pedal steel guitar, Phillip Campbell on electric guitar and bass, and Darick Campbell on lap steel, with Carlton Campbell on the drums.

The Sugar Ray & the Bluetones Band –

This band has been around for forty years and has also traveled the world-round, according to its website. They have a Chicago blues style, and its band-members include Sugar Ray Norcia on vocals and harmonica. On guitar, “Monster” Mike Welch, with Anthony Geraci at the piano and Hammond on the Organ.  Michael “Mudcat” Ward plays the acoustic and electric bass. The band’s drummer is Neil Gouvin.

The Eric Gales Band –

This popular blues band is well known in the industry and Eric Gales has a unique left-handed style. His music is akin to a contemporary combination of both Blues and Rock. Eric released his first recorded album at the young age of 16 on the Elektra label.

The Terrie Odabi Band –

Terrie Obadi is accompanied by an enormous array of musicians. Her musical personnel list includes Kid Anderson, Khalil Doankanthony, AJ Crawdaddy, and Terry Hiatt on guitar, Kirk Crumpler on bass, Ken Cook, Lorenzo Hawkins and Willis Hickerson Jr. on piano and organ, Nancy Wright on sax, Alison Bailey Streich on violin, Manny Angel on trumpet, and Faris Jarrah on trombone, Derrick Martin and Leon Joyce Jr. on drums and Martin Windstead on percussion. Backup vocalists are Lisa Leuschner Anderson, Courtney Knott, and Niecey Robinson.

Dumpstaphunk –  

This band is from New Orleans and brings with it a high intensity “Funk” to New York City. Dumpstaphunk will be giving the Hudson River Blues BBQ crowd a fun take on jazz-funk with a touch of soul. Tony Hall and Nick Daniels III provide a deep bass rhythm while the Neville bloodlines bring the sound home with Ivan Neville on the keys, while Ian Neville plays his classic funk guitar riffs.

Blues BBQ Food Booth List:

Dinosaur Bar-b-que –

This well established NYC “Brick and Mortar” BBQ restaurant, actually started out in 1983 as a traveling concession-stand, using a halved 55-gallon drum as its main cooking equipment, serving BBQ at numerous Northeastern motorcycling events. Since then, the restaurant has opened nine different locations, including one in Harlem, NY in 2004 and in Brooklynn, NY in 2013.

Mighty Quinn’s Slow Cooked Bar-b-que –

This BBQ restaurant professes to uphold old-school traditions and time-tested techniques. Pitmaster Hugh Mangum is a Texas raised long-time bar-b-que fanatic from Houston. Hugh has combined that slow-smoked famous Texas Southern BBQ taste and has reintroduced its down-south flair into modern New York City dining.

Pig Beach –

Pig Beach touts itself as smoked meat artists that experiment with old-school BBQ traditions.  They use wood fire techniques that echo both European and American influences, and they have a long established New York City bar-b-que history. Pig Beach focuses on high-end ingredients while serving a unique and wide range choice of smoked meats, from old classics like pastrami, to middle-eastern style lamb, or to a Yuzu glazed smoked duck.

Monks Meats –

Monks Meat is a vegetarian option at the Blues BBQ that solely focuses on an all plant based, dairy free fare that is produced by the Monks Food Co. The food company specializes in meat substitutes such as the popular vegan seitan or also called “Wheat Meat,” which is wheat gluten formed into vegetarian “meat” patties.

Melt –

Dessert is also an option at the Hudson River Park Blues BBQ. Melt specializes in delicious ice cream sandwiches that are sure to come in handy in the warm New York August weather. Melt Bakery was created in 2010 and is the brainchild of Julian Plyter and Kareem Hamady. The Melt’s ice cream sandwiches range from the classic style to the adventurous and are guaranteed to please after eating some spicy bar-b-que.

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