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4 Benefits of Installing Security Cameras for Your Business

As a business owner, you understand the many costly dangers your business faces. This can include shoplifting, physical violence, employee theft, and a wide range of other damaging incidents. Employee theft alone costs American businesses an average of $42 billion dollars a year. Your eyes cannot be everywhere at once, but every aspect of your business must be surveyed to ensure productivity, savings, and security.

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These dangers can be prevented with the installation of quality security cameras, capturing all the necessary details.

Here are four major benefits of having security cameras for your business.

1. Visual Deterrent.

  • They discourage shoplifting.

Have you ever noticed a security camera and felt strangely guilty, as if you’d stolen a national treasure though you hadn’t taken so much as a breath mint? Just the sight of a camera deters wrong behavior, even in the innocent; imagine how discouraged an actual criminal will feel? Even if your camera footage is not constantly reviewed, you’ll notice a difference by having cameras in place. The thought of being caught red-handed will make potential wrongdoers move on, and stand as a reminder to the everyday person.

  • They discourage employee theft.

Just as a camera deters the average person, it will also deter your workers from doing wrong. Employee theft is frighteningly common, as workers have better access to items and often have the ability to hide their actions in ways customers cannot. However, when your employees see the cameras and realize their every action is being recorded, any ill intention is discouraged because even a misunderstanding could cost them their job.

2. Provide Evidence.

  • You can show footage in court to achieve a conviction.

In some cases, shoplifters and other kinds of thieves come within a breath of conviction — close enough to taste the orange jumpsuit — but slip away at the last moment due to lack of evidence. However, nothing is quite as incriminating as having your face brandished on tape. A security camera could ensure your business receives justice.

  • You can have proof and grounds to punish an employee.

It’s not uncommon for a business’s hands to be tied when it comes to firing an employee — even if they deserve it. Perhaps you know this worker is violating company policy or outright breaking the law, warranting a “have a good life” and a kick to the backside as they leave, but you can’t prove it. A security camera can catch these actions on tape, placing the blame on the right shoulders.

  • You can prove or disprove liability claims.

Many businesses face legal turmoil in the form of false liability claims, and security cameras can stop this issue dead in the water. Perhaps an employee claims they were injured on the job, or a customer says they were harmed due to an oversight by your business. With a security camera, you can review footage and witness the incident yourself, and so can the proper authorities. This can disprove a false claim, saving your business time, reputation, and money.

3. Peace of Mind.

  • Workers can focus.

Beyond thievery, security cameras deter all sorts of crimes – including violent ones. By doing so, a peace of mind is created about the safety of the business and its surroundings. This allows workers to focus all of their attention to their tasks. For your innocent, hardworking employees, they will feel comfortable knowing the risk of being blamed wrongfully for a crime or having their person harmed is eliminated. This will boost their productivity.

  • Customers feel safer.

When customers spy cameras, they feel much safer in their environment. They understand that precautions are being taken to ensure that they and their surroundings are secure. Even subconsciously, they understand that, should something bad happen, video evidence will bring about the truth. This allows them to relax and focus their attention on your services and offers, as well as encouraging them to visit again.

  • Your business will seem more professional.

A business which adds additional security is one that has reached a level of success and trustworthiness. Large and prosperous businesses are at greater risk to theft, but they are also pragmatic and sensible enough to take precautions. Consumers understand this, even on a subconscious level, and will evaluate your business as more reputable and professional if they notice a quality security system.

4. Maintain a Record.

  • You can review incidents.

Say something transpired at your business and you can’t recall the exact details. “Did that client visit three weeks ago or four?” “Was the fax machine ever given proper maintenance?” “Did my coworker go ahead and steal that ham sandwich I explicitly said was mine?” With a video record, you will be able to review the evidence to discover these important but casual pieces of information.

  • You can review conversations

Many advanced security cameras come with voice recording abilities, meaning you can even review conversations later on. This can be beneficial when recalling details laid out by a client, or verifying an argument between two employees. Or getting your glorious validation by proving that you did indeed tell your coworker the ham sandwich was yours.

  • You can survey from a remote location.

Several security cameras connect to the internet, allowing you to review their footage or watch their stream in real time from any location. As a business owner, this can be an essential advantage, allowing you to watch your business if you cannot be there in person. You can monitor your employees’ productivity, check to see if your business is secure, and verify if you forgot to unplug the toaster – all vital details.

There are many benefits to installing security cameras in your business, extending beyond just keeping your business secure. You can boost productivity and maintain a more cost-effective company, creating a better place for your employees and customers. With a small expense, you can greatly improve your business.

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