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4 Reasons Every Pawn Store Needs an Electric Counter Shutter

Pawn Stores are a treasure trove of the unusual, the expensive, and the unique. With this in mind, their clientele has the same variety. When someone walks into your shop, they could be the well-meaning student who needs a loan to handle that month’s rent, but will want to get their great-grandmother’s prized vase back at the end of the week. They could be the suburban mom who doesn’t want to hold a garage sale, doesn’t trust Craigslist, but can’t find anyone else to take her vintage Christmas Story leg lamp off her hands.

counter top shutter

And then last but not least, walking into your shop could be a class of individual who is looking to offload a few items that may or may not belong to them – and hey, while they’re at it, why not scope out the cash register? They can always come back later for that.

Running a Pawn Store means mingling with all of these individuals, and it’s clear that security measures must be put in place to make sure merchandise and employees alike are safe. But rather than making your shop look like a jail block and scaring off the reputable customers, why not look to a security measure that is simple, effective, and subtle?

The answer is an electric counter shutter, and every Pawn Shop needs one.

These counter top shutters are a simple metal shade that can roll down in front of your enclosed counter, either manually or electronically, and can be locked with a deadbolt or a password for maximum security. Their simple design makes them cost effective and easy to install, but their strength and durability is what really makes them the favorite among Pawn Shop owners. Even beyond all this, electric counter shutters have advantages you may not expect. What else makes them so valuable to shop owners?

Here are four reasons why every Pawn Store needs an electric counter shutter:

1. A Deterrent Against Criminals.

Most criminals aren’t the smartest matches in the box, but few are entirely stupid. Statistics show that a criminal is far more likely to pass up a home or shop with clear security measures in favor of one without. With this knowledge in mind, it has made even fake cameras an option for many. However, electric counter shutters take it to the next level by not only seeming secure, but being secure. Say you’re having a slow day and the counter is not in use; rolling down this shutter will show that the shop is competent and very cautious of its security, giving a peace of mind to customers and drawing a very clear line in the sand for thieves. With this added measure against theft or property damage, why should a criminal bother with you? They’ll move on to the next shop and leave you running in peace.

2. It Conceals Valuables.

One of the most appealing benefits of a counter shutter is its ability to offer you privacy. Not only will it keep wandering hands from reaching over, but it will also put a halt to any wandering eyes that may be looking over the prized valuables held in the back. If your expensive vintage guitar or antique vase is too pricey to risk displaying on the main floor, then all the more reason to ensure it’s safe behind the counter. A counter shutter will limit a criminal’s ability to scope out what you truly have to offer and then come back later.

This same advantage applies to employee valuables such as purses, bikes, and so on, which may have been stored in the back to be kept safe. While attention may be paid to the merchandise, it’s easy to forget other personal valuables are open to be snatched. And to put the cherry on top, a security shutter can also obscure TV screens and monitors that may be connected to your camera system. This ensures that unsavory individuals are denied the chance to look over what security measures are in place, where they’re located, and perhaps even how to deactivate them.

3. Literal Theft Protection.

Let’s not forget the most obvious advantage of an electric counter shutter; as thick aluminum with reinforced latches to the four corners of your counter, it stands as a very real and very strong barrier against intruders. During store hours, it can prevent sticky hands from sliding into your cash register or copping something from your counter, and during the night hours, it can stand as the first and foremost barrier against burglars. If they manage to get past your other security measures and reach the inside of your shop, they’ll find themselves leaving mostly empty handed with the real valuables kept safe behind your counter and it’s electric shutter.

4. Lower Insurance Costs.

Insurance companies are first and foremost looking to make money, and if they believe your store is at high risk of being stolen from or incurring damages, they’re going to take it out on your premiums. While you may have already purchased bars for your windows, special locks and reinforced doors for the entrances, a range of security cameras with remote access to make it viewable on the go, and perhaps even splurged on some lasers to zig-zag across your floor, what if a criminal makes it past all this and reaches your counter? An electric counter shutter could stand as the final barrier between a criminal and a big-time hit, and your insurance company knows this too. By placing this extra level of security, you may even experience a cut to your insurance expenses, saving you money while keeping you safe.

A counter shutter may seem like a luxury expense for a Pawn Shop, especially if other security measures are already in place, but the advantages tell a different story. With this security measure brandished in your store, it can not only protect your merchandise, but also your employees while saving you money.

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