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4 Ways Fire Shutters Can Protect Your Business

In the years 2012 and 2013 alone, thousands of businesses suffered extreme damages and even loss of life from fires, numbering as many as 22,500 in just two years. Fire can affect any business, and although Smoky the Bear’s jurisdiction is restrained to the forest, we can’t deny that he has the right idea. While a business owner may not be the culprit for a surprise fire that engulfs a business, they do have the power to stop the flames in their tracks and even put them out altogether.


How? The answer is fire shutters.

Simple to install and coming in a range of sizes, these shutters can be tailored to fit any window, wall, doorway, and more to ensure every portion of your business is secure in the case of a fire. Built of highly flame-retardant material and meant to hold back the heat to protect evacuating people, they are the first and best choice for business owners.

Many are concerned about purchasing fire shutters for their business, arguing about their look, lack of discretion, and their expense. However, fire shutters have evolved with the new wave of businesses, and with a range of colored powders, owners can enjoy a shutter that doesn’t just hold back the flames – it adds a new level of flare and style to their businesses.

Run electronically, they can be rolled up and hidden mostly from sight when they’re not in use, making it difficult for them even to be noticed. However, their automatic settings are connected to fire alarms and smoke detectors, and should sign of a fire be found, they will instantly unfurl and fulfill their purpose.

While these advantages may seem great, it’s only the beginning – fire shutters have a few unexpected benefits that make them a favorite for stores, shops, and offices of every kind. Here are four ways that they can protect you in the big ways and in the small:

1. Literal Protection Against Fire

The most obvious advantage is the best. Fire shutters live up to their name as true barriers between a roaring fire and you, with the ability to not only contain fires, but even put them out entirely when coupled with other fire-fighting measures such as sprinklers. No business is impervious to an accidental fire – it can start with the simple flick of a cigarette butt, and then within a span of minutes, your entire building is engulfed. One accident can destroy merchandise, valuable records and files, furniture and equipment, and the very building itself.

With fire shutters installed, as soon as the fire alarm catches a whiff of smoke, they will descend and block out the fire, keeping it from advancing into other valuable areas.

2. The Potential to Save Lives

While a loss of property and merchandise is certainly a huge blow to a business, one cannot forget how irreplaceable a human life is. Your insurance can’t cover that. In the case of a fire, shutters can stand as one of the clearest warnings to employees and customers, allowing them those extra few moments to evacuate the area. In addition to that, their fire-blocking abilities will keep the fire contained and at bay while people escape. This advantage does more than simply save lives in the heat of the moment – it offers a peace of mind to you, your employees, and your customers, letting each know that, should tragedy strike, measures are set in place to ensure their safety.

3. Insurance Savings

For businesses of every kind, being successful is about more than making money – it’s about saving money. There are many expenses for you to consider, but one of the most pressed and consistent is the cost of insurance. Especially for smaller businesses, high rates can quickly put you in the hole. If a fire causes serious damage to your business, you’re not the only one who is suffering from a loss. Your insurance company is also forced to pay out, and to ensure they keep making money even in the face of disaster, your premiums will take the blow.

By installing fire shutters, you are severely lowering the risk of damage to not only one part of your business, but to every part of it. In the worst cases, the fire could even spread to nearby businesses, landing a serious blow against other insurance companies – but a fire shutter will stop it in its tracks. With the chances of tragedy going down, the overall cost of your insurance will drop too, returning that extra money back to your wallet. This difference in pricing could be the difference between year-long profits for your business and going under from the expense.

4. Compliance with Fire Regulations

While there are currently no laws that say your business must have fire shutters, there are several laws surrounding on the necessary precautions against fire. The government wants to protect property and lives as much as you do, and this means very strict surveillance and routine checks to make sure your business is doing its part in keeping fire at bay. With a series of fire shutters installed in your business, you are proving to the necessary authorities that you’re doing all you can to keep your business, your employees, and your customers safe.

This show of good faith may come in handy if you overlook any other small laws related to fire protection. Rather than having your business be shut down at the first sign of a mistake, the authorities may be more patient and understanding of your oversight. After all, why would you put in the effort of fire shutters if you weren’t serious?

While it may seem like an extravagance or even an eyesore for a business, the ways fire shutters can save property, save lives, and even save you money makes it clear that every business needs one. When tragedy strikes, you’ll be more than thankful to have these life-saving tools on your side.

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