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4 Ways Security Gates Can Save You Money

Burglaries at businesses are increasing, and break-ins are costly and can even contribute to business failure. Installing security gates, alarms, and lighting are the best ways of preventing this kind of theft. While installing security gates and systems costs money, they can also save money in several ways.

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Security gates are specialty doors used for fortifying homes and businesses against break-ins. Security doors, grills, and gates come in a multitude of designs and sizes to fit all kinds of openings. They are commonly used on storefront windows, regular windows, entryways, backdoors, loading docks, driveways, and roof-top entrances.

Some security gates look like regular doors, but are made with heavy gauge metal frames and panels. There are also scissor style gates and shutters which close up like an accordion. This style is frequently used on storefronts. Shutters can be retracted during the day for a more attractive and inviting business appearance. Driveway gates are made with chain-link, solid pipe rails, and many styles of ornamental metal railing designs. Driveway gates can swing open, slide to the side, or open overhead.

Security gates and shutters are one important part of total business security along with alarm systems, key control, lighting, and cash security. Newer security systems include high tech features like remote video surveillance, remote lock and lighting control, and keyless locking systems.

Installing a new security system on your business involves an investment, but there are also long-term savings involved in having security gates and alarms in place. Here are four ways installing security gates can save you money.

1. Lower Insurance Costs

Many insurance policies provide discounts on premiums for the installation of security gates, burglar bars, and alarms. Installation of deadbolts on doors, security cameras, and security lighting can also reduce insurance costs, depending on the policy.

If a current policy does not provide these discounts, talk to your insurance agent and shop for a policy that does. There are many policies available that discount premiums when security systems are installed. Savings can range from five to twenty percent.

It is a good idea to communicate with your insurance agent before you install new security measures at your business. They may have requirements and specifications for you to follow to receive the biggest discount on your policy.

Insurance companies understand that security gates scare thieves away. The chances your business will be broken into go down significantly when you install security shutters, gates, alarms, and lighting. These facts cause insurance companies to reward customers who take these measures against theft.

If you do have a break-in or break-in attempt, it is important to make a police report right away in order to make an insurance claim for burglary damage and loss. Document all missing property, damage, and costs involved in cleaning up. Taking your own photos of all damage is also advisable.

2. Stop Loss of Property

Security gates and shutters on businesses stop property loss by making it physically harder for thieves to break the glass or kick down a door and get in. They also work as a significant deterrent in preventing burglars from trying to break in at all.

Burglars look for opportunities where they can break and enter in a few minutes or less. If it takes too much time, they often move on to easier targets. The presence of security gates reduces the chances of a burglary attempt happening or being successful, and this prevents loss of property and money.

Alarms by themselves are often not enough protection at a business. Local alarms ring only at the location, and often they are not responded to in a timely way. Many burglars also know how to disable an alarm system. The addition of security gates and shutters makes alarms more effective, because they slow down or prevent entry.

While insurance may cover some of the cost of stolen goods, the full value is seldom compensated. Time and effort is also needed to replace the lost items, and all of this adds up to a bigger cost for the burglary. With the right style of security gates and shutters in place, loss of property is prevented in the first place and money is saved.

3. Prevent Replacement Glass Costs

A lot of crime against retail businesses involves opportunistic acts by criminals. These break-ins are not planned and happen on the spur of the moment when a location is vulnerable. Such “smash and grab” break-ins are also often not deterred by alarm systems, because the thief knows it will only take a few minutes or seconds for them to grab something valuable and run. Security gates and shutters are an effective solution for preventing the cost of replacing broken windows and display glass caused by a break-in.

The cost of replacing broken glass may be covered by an insurance policy, but insurance probably will not compensate for all of the employee time and clean-up costs associated with a window break-in. Arriving at work and finding smashed windows at your business can also have a psychological cost for you and your employees.

Cleaning up broken glass is dangerous and time consuming. Care must be taken to assure all fragments are swept up, or a shop owner may face an injury to an employee, customer, or passer-by. Disposal of broken glass is also a problem, and hiring out this job is often necessary and adds to the cost of recovery after a break-in.

All of this takes time, costs money, and may also reduce or shut down business for hours or days. Security gates and shutters effectively prevent smash and grab break-ins and the costs of replacing broken storefront windows and displays.

4. Prevent Loss of Business Due to Break-In

Most business break-ins occur at night, while most residential burglaries happen during the day. Because businesses are usually hit overnight, owners, employees, and even customers of a targeted store arrive and find the destruction and loss. The result is often that business is interrupted for the day or longer.

A break-in at a business can have a negative effect on customers. People who see or hear about the crime may feel less safe in the store in the future. A break-in can take a significant toll on business traffic, the day it happens and in the days to come.

By thoroughly protecting a business with the installation of the right kind of security gate and shutters, interruption of business due to burglary can be reduced or eliminated. The business’s reputation and customer loyalty is also protected, along with the merchandise and cash inside the business.

Even More Savings from Security Gates

Installing new security gates can save money is other ways, too.

Some state-of-the-art security systems are integrated with other property monitoring features. Surveillance cameras and other remote detectors can also be hooked to wireless devices that let you save money on utility bills.

Remote adjustment of the heating and cooling system, turning lights on and off, and notifying you if there is a flood, fire, or other disaster at the business location can all be done with advanced, smart security systems. Installation of a smart security system lets you save money on utility bills and monitor your business remotely, while also protecting your property against break-ins.

Security gates, shutters, and alarm systems are investments that reduce your costs of insurance, property repair and replacement, and loss of business income due to break-in crimes. They also give you the priceless feeling of peace of mind.

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