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5 Fail-Proof Tips for Theft Prevention

Businesses have enough obstacles without having to deal with theft. Unfortunately, businesses around the world have issues with theft, consisting of employee crime to organized retail crime. There is no mystery why some companies have a hard time keeping their heads above water. Theft costs companies billions of dollars every year and stress as well.

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There are basic procedures that have worked in the past and work just as well now. These 5 tips may just eliminate retail theft as we know it, at least, it will make criminals think twice about doing the deed.

Basics that Work

1. A tried and true classic to preventing store theft is the use of cameras and mirrors. Yes, this has been done millions of times in retail stores everywhere, but it works! Not only do the cameras capture the criminal activity, they also serve as a deterrent to the crime. The cameras cannot be watched every single moment of every day, but they can make the criminal think they are being watched. The mirrors, on the other hand, help employees see customers around otherwise blind corners. Both these projects working together make for a fail-proof strategy.

2. In cases of internal theft, managers should always stay on top of inventory control. Keeping an eye on how much stock was sold and how much stock is remaining, will give you an idea of how much in inventory, if any, is coming up short. Internal theft does happen, unfortunately, but proper attention to the store’s inventory will not only keep management aware, but will also deter criminal employees from stealing from their own company.

3. One of the most important preventative measures with protecting your business from theft, is being able to recognize shoplifters. Having a knowledge of what to look for is always a plus. Shoplifters usually work in pairs: one to distract and one to steal. Most of the time they have either baggy clothing, strollers, handbags or umbrellas in which to hide goods. These thieves also act nervous, enter the store several times without buying anything and watches the cashier more than they shop. It can be very easy to spot this kind of theft and easy to eliminate.

4. Positioning is also a way to keep an eye on thieves. Your cashier will need to be positioned in line with the most popular or expensive items in the store. This gives the cashier the ability to see what is going on and be able to alert other employees to check out the area as well. Nothing deters theft like employees who are alert and ready for action.

5. Signs are also great ways to stop theft before it even happens. A clearly stated theft punishment policy will let the criminals know how serious the crime of stealing really is. Theft, in this case, may warrant jail time and indefinite expulsion from the store. Theft is also a record that no one wants to carry around for the rest of their lives. Forewarn criminals of the consequences of their actions and they may change their minds about stealing altogether. It’s no wonder that entrepreneurs are looking for ways to stop this crime and give profits back to where they belong. Fortunately, companies are making huge strides in the creation of new technologies and ideas that just might stop crime in its tracks.

Theft is serious and yes, it causes companies billions of dollars, but there are many ways to stop this crime and regain profits for the struggling entrepreneur. These 5 tips and more can save money, time and the future of the company.

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