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5 Super Useful Tips to Improve Your Security Gate Performance

Security gates have been the first choice among both business owners and home owners for preventing against break-ins, theft, and other harmful intrusions for years. Not only do they stand as a physical barrier between criminals and trespassers, but security gates also serve as a visual status symbol. Customers who see your security gates in use will view your business as more professional and capable, while the decorative designs can improve the curb value of any residential home.

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Security gates have a range of benefits, especially in the modern age where technology can be applied to make a gate do everything but fly to the moon. However, at the end of the day, there is always room for improvement – whether on a small scale or on a large, laser-shooting level.

Perhaps your gate does not function as it should, letting out painful screeches as it opens, or perhaps is far slower in opening for you than it should be. Perhaps you feel there is room for improvement with your security measures; why stop with a simple gate when you can make additions to save you time, effort, and danger?

Your security gate should perform at its best for you. Here are five super useful tips for improving your security gate, making sure it not only serves its purpose as a gateway but as a method for improving productivity and convenience.

To Improve the Gate

Security gates come in a range of different styles and capabilities — from wood to steel, automated to manual; the list goes one. Each is equipped with its own unique advantages and benefits for functionality and decorative purposes. However, at the end of the day, security gates are indeed man-made equipment, requiring typical maintenance in exchange for protecting your home. Though this may seem simple, the most efficient way to improve the functionality of your gate is to address its simple needs.

With a minimal amount of work and time on a semi-regular basis, you can prevent glitches, damages, and issues in general. Here’s how:

1. Keep it Well-Cleaned

For the improvement of your gate, something as simple as keeping it well cleaned can ensure it functions properly and reliably. A clean gate may not deter a robber any more than a dirty one, but a dirty gate may begin to rust or deteriorate, allowing robbers easier entrance should they try to test the strength of your security gate. Depending on the style of security gate you possess, cleaning methods will vary. However, simple soap and water are a reliable standby; a fresh coat of paint afterwards will also help your gate withstand the weather.

  1. Eliminate Rust

If your security gate is metal – as is the common choice among businesses for their strength and durability – rust is an element to keep an eye on. Their exposure to weather and rain will eventually work away at their hinges, gears, and also the bars themselves. Rather than letting a deteriorated security gate eventually rot off its hinges, inspect it for rust as you are cleaning it. Should you find rust, citric acid – which unfortunately isn’t the kind of acid the supervillains use — or vinegar should work well to eliminate the effects. Another options are store-bought rust removers, typically found in local hardware stores.

2. Keep it Well-Lubricated

With both manual and automated security gates, ensuring their gears and hinges are well-lubricated is crucial. Not only can this prevent trouble in their ability to open for you, but it will also make the entire barrier stronger, keeping out thieves. A simple lubricant found at your local hardware store should serve the purpose.

3. To Improve the Security

Security gates are the well-recommended way to protect your business or home from burglary or trespassing, shy of hiring a team of mercenaries to camp outside your front door. If mercenary wages are not in your budget, then making small additions to your security gate can improve its ability to stand as a barrier between you and harm — as well as between criminals and your possessions.

4. Install a Camera For Verification

While some automated security gates come equipped with a camera that can be remotely controlled to monitor the movements at the gate, others do not. With a camera, you can remotely verify the identity of anyone wishing to gain entrance, allowing you to not only save effort in allowing in visitors, but also ensure you do not accidently let in strangers. Should the event arise where a robber attempts to scale or break your fence, you will also have video evidence of their actions.

For businesses, unlike residences, it may be common to have several employees entering through your gate at any given time. Rather than devoting energy and valuable time to managing the gate personally, a camera will allow you to monitor the comings and goings, allowing entrance remotely. With this added benefit, you can keep playing Angry Birds without interruption to your high score or the workflow.

5. Install a Speaker for Verification

Most apartment buildings typically require visitors to be “buzzed in” by residents, and many high-grade security gates can have a similar speaker equipped. This allows you to verify visitors at the gate and speak with them free of danger — with the added benefit of not needing to walk out in your pajamas to let the gardener in.

For businesses, it can be particularly time-consuming having to evaluate each employee needing access to your business before allowing them in. With a speaker, employees and delivery trucks can contact you directly, enabling you to effortlessly assess the situation and make a decision on who is allowed inside.

Security gates offer a range of benefits for protecting your business, home, and all the people within. If you are looking to improve your security gate, with these five super useful tips, you can have a gate that not only functions better, but looks better and saves you time.

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